Hamish Blog (hamish) wrote,
Hamish Blog

To Download Yourself From the Chip

Do the following.
Understand the technologies you are dealing with
logic gates/Silicon chip construction/Binary/machine code to O/S language/program contruction/ command language/file&directory contruction/New physics/(Theories general relativity and quantum theory)/ cosmology/singularities/particle contructions,quarks etc/force particles etc/new findings in quantum behaviour/work out the interalationships involved with Time,Space and matter/,,
and approximately you will be able to see you way out of the machine on your desk,, that presumeably you have "seen "yourself into.
Alright you say ,Time and Space is yourself.
Dont get trapped on the otherside of that machine,by somebody else.That is a prison.
send a letter to yourself.That is all the machine can do.
You and Your machine.who will win.
It is your fountain pen .
Fountain Pen that See Itself.
You must do the same.
Write out the formula for your Machine, after it has so taught you to do.
Technology.Made in the Image of God.
The Precription for the Universe.
Made in the Image.
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