Hamish Blog (hamish) wrote,
Hamish Blog

Everyone a Killer?

Every ones on a killer circa, and quite honestly It may have been better if they had got their man.(or woman).It is only grid referance errors that are a problem.Grid referance accuracy is actually the solution to the problem.It is the cure.
Me thinks the doctor got it wrong?
Its no use dictating to me in this affair.I have been there and back.
People, kindly do your own killings, do not come running to me. If you want to be youself you must do things for youself.
I cannot offer any advise in this respect.

I realy must make it known to the harassers of my life,and leaches of my identity that "you think you know me but you dont"
Whether or not you are aware of it I was out the game 27 years ago.I have no intention of dealing into this farcecle non-sensicle collective mass insanity whatsoever.Your fascinations and addictions are not mine.12 year old children would put most of you in a wheelchair.
And as for making the lives of detainees living hell,and ripping off the proceeds of the till under false pretences,all of your youselves are on death row.Particularly hippy acid contingencies who claim to smoke the same cigarrettes as me.
The entirety of the identity of drug and subculture is epitemy of very sick minds, distorted belief systems, broken down central nervous systems beyond the slighest chance of repair.Voices of the insane are are their trigerr every detail of their operation in the and every last one of them believes hook line and sinker in their destroyed insane head in their big I Am. They are going have to have it put to them that "They are Not" nor never will be.A bad joke,and never meant to be.
You pissed your life and Time away 30 years ago, and have been living on others and taking their lives away eversince.Children, mothers ,fathers.The Lot. And living off the free state handouts and hamburgers to boot at the same time as poncing your drug money down the social security office.Simply using as a cover that they once listenned to a few records and got high, with their very own "chick" as if the female race had only just been invented.
This insane club honestly thinks its little revolution is going to deliver its cult leaders powers and the glory to conquer the forces of darkness to re-instate the right full King Arther and the good knight Lancelot,back on the thrown and draw the blood of the dastardly king Charles and Hamberger eating Prime Minister into the dark dungeons of hell intill they have established their kingdoms heirarchy, and dished out the Holy grails Treasure ,"Equally and Fairly "to all, so as not to be cruel to the Pigs down the Farmyard.Never mind the fact that they ripped off the till and raped the land 25 years ago, and its anything goes for the last couple of cents.
As well as all the look-a-like high heel Eric Clpaton clones of generations ever since. Dont they know it would be cheaper to spend a tenner down the shop than spend their misplaced life doing what has already been done.Bottling out of real life,on drug identity.
Even their big Icons, the superstars have lived off my identity for 25 years and did not have the coutesy to see me to my face, let alone buy one of my 4 albums I put out over the last few years, (not past few decades), let alone offer to pay any of the bills they ran up for me,or cover the costs of their ripping off my assetts and interests.took without paying.They are bankrupt.They cant afford to pay the debt.
They cost me and Gabrielle, close to 600 million pounds in lost earnings.
And lost the UK sounds system and music score out of greed for money,power and drugs,for themselves, which would have benefitted many less fortunates.as well as other possible scores their were available for people.They had, and still have nothing.
\They havent even got any music that is applicable to life today.They neither have drugs that work they are just ID freaks.They have, nor ever did have a culture, a path or a way. Certainly not any alternative either.
They major percentage are living in the name of a dozen or so icons,musicians, without themselves knowing the differance between a minum and a crotchet,giving themselves the assosiated privilages and status, according to the distorted view off themselves.
The crack/heroin infections that spread mainstream in the 80,s and 90,is virus infection of little improvement to this, as is what continues forward to the kids of today, And saturated non-viable drug enviroment, for those that find suicide to expensive.
And dont take a genius to turn your back on that one.
Whats on offer.Nothing or a lot worse.
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