Hamish Blog (hamish) wrote,
Hamish Blog

Jack of All Trades

One must respond to live and the enviroments around you to process the info as to what to do in respect of your particular circumstances, and definitley differs for each of us.There is no way one can live in the shoes of another, nor be dictated to.The idea dear that I have to be a doctor a lawyer a bank manager and act out functions dont add up with my particular circumstances, are no good. Yes it is true we have to earn food and rent reluctantly.But this may change frequently, it may be mor fitting to work on a market stall for me at this time, or it may be more fitting to be a manual labourer, for many a doctor or lawyer.
It mat simply be apprpriate to maintain hobbies of watch repair and grandfather clock collector.
So these self made technicians have made a genecidal spiritual balls-up of the human race, particularly the law dictatiors who impliment a law illegally.These are not peole in the right place and time.It is like asking a acoholic dustman to be incharge of airport traffic control.The aircraft will simply crash. And this is what happens when scientists try to rule the world,Disaster.or one side oe wall live in the shoes of the otherside and do their sums for them.
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