Hamish Blog (hamish) wrote,
Hamish Blog

World Religions-Science

Religions are a useage of "Dead Money",same as drug addictions to the failed .Alcoholics etc.
Their essential message is to get there safely withn rules that maintain the Hatha, and keep the contents "inside the bottle",3 score years and ten, instead of their first puff at primary school.Essentially. Maintaining a Time Prison.Essential.
Even with the new science, as a possible good religion, one must remember it is a option only for those who are lost, as all religions are.
As far as religions go, there is no real reason why the 5 major world religions shouldnt revise their script to get to "The Otherside"along the lines of of the cosmos new knowledge and mathematics.
I think the key points are:1.Hatha Safe,No drugs.
2.Commonsense safety Rules.

Man is lost for ever if religion is his option, even the New Science.
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