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The chances of educating are slim for the majority.
The contents of a goulag or my prior habitation require a toatal re-education, quite literally, not joking,from the 2times table upwards.To get a perspective of what you would be up against here, it may take a year or mor of intensive work for many to get fluent wth the 6/7 times table.In this group would be the entire Stonehenge drug erased trippers,most drug people.Blown minds and lied to people in love, especially those getting super-there on marujana.Ones own mind is required.And put to diligent study and hard work for many years.It is Mount-Everest in bare feet.
IQ levels?
Maturuty and age levels? It is not for the child prodigy and genius kid.
Loss of childhood, of marriage etc, beliefsystems?
Voluntary?I would say so.Win an interest at primary school.
Perhaps it will simply fall into the lap of those it is meant to.
I would definately say no to education.
Make it available, like everything else, and when other avenues are exhausted, a person could choose this for therir answer.
\Any way everything is on line, school does not exist.One would have to choose the teach youself option with books posters and CD,s at home.
Bit of basic education yes, to deliver the skilss to access the further education.
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