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To many this means to finish off the jigsaw puzzle,in
order to simply the formula,so the masses and masses of information technology can be off-loaded,which is what the whole things about.Make no mistake about that one.We do not need a third frontal lobe.Here of course we must quantify mathematically, and get the formual and mathematicalequations for Time itself. Also space.
Eternity and Infinity.Written formulas thereof.
This will deliver the solution of the creation of matter and unify the 4 fundemental forces of nature.
It will deliver the so called Holy Grail.
Give a religion of self realization to mankind, if he so wishes to study himself.
It will deliver, as the Irish Leprecorn so rightly said, Yourself.Windows cleaned,see the sky again.
Work done.The sack is therefore the wages for this work to the Professor of Science at Oxford and Cambridge. End up with the dustmans job.
Of course they will carry on inventing excuses to play with their toys and computers,but their job is finished , they would nedd to be put on the scrap heap.
The litll9 numbered formula for everything in you back pocket, will be the depository of everything known, time immorial.And nature will dictate the return to nature, not machines.
Make no mistake the religious fanatics ,It is not all what it is cracked up to be, the truth.It is so very ordinary, but where it is highly rated is in the putting the less than nothing world in the dustbin.
After all we have mostly all been ourselves and seen the sky before, and we did shout eureka then, in fact after 20 minutes went back indoors because it was chilly and had endless cups of tea and fags!
There are no prizes to give away, yourself is all there is, and all there ever will be.How does anyone expect something for nothing.The truth is what actually is.You cant re-invent it to suit youself and deliver youself a million bucks of "A not you" commodity.
We are confronted with unstable minds in the scientific sector, same as every where else.
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