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UFO killingfields

USA what I call the factory of alien technology.It has been under alien nature and alen mind control. But the software download to the humans therte is incorrectly translated.Errors ginourmous. Same here.Same with everybody.Know one knows how to translate, or communicate, to put it another way.Systems of seeing, mathematics etc. But what they are trying to say, Is see yourself, for goodness sake do not see us,For all intents and purpose they do not exist.(Even though they do.)Might as well be either way, us to them. This is the situation.
However they are their own controllers of nature and expect we assume to control ours, which would not seem to be the right thing to do.They have been caught using the goulags and the worlds clockwork oranges for themselves.And this is the thing about goulags, always has been.It has always been covered up.
This is why no-one ever gets out of a goulag.Loaf of bread or murder.
This is well known on the otherside of the wall.
It is because of the usefulness these goulags and contents are to the extraterrestial ufo controllers of the lands nature.
They have lost us, certainly, here, I am now wondering if they will cotrol still through the rest of the plant animal life in the UK.
UfO nature controllers simply want to centralize and use the goulags as their own killing machine, and set things up for the battle of its ownership, all power politics themselves are fighting over control of this thing, and I say close it down, open up the goulags.
THATS RIGHT the killing machine, the Goulags, psychiatric detention centrs have simply been bought and paid for for the purposes of doing other peoples circa killings, grid-referance accuacy or not. This is what the artificial inteligence system is about and indeed, the Star Wars Defence system itself.Indeed Microsoft itself.A totally corrupt virused rotten apple all the way to the very Top of Western world power.
When did time stop for you?
Yes its gridreferance strike is yesterday and it has no "missile" it is fatally floored in error of target,and is guranteed to miss,anyway, simply compounding the problem counter to its very own interests,and all concerned, on either side of the fence, whether you are on the right or the wrong.
They are paid for killing and torture shops, by those in positions to be able to afford the price, and none of motives are behind them other than greed averice.power .sex and money, and the battle is on for this weapon, as it has been for 25 years.Government was the first to get caught with its hand in the till, and eventualy most of society was on the band wagon to get their killings done by the state.Many may serve in good faith, even politicians and Home Secretarys themselves,,They are very unlikely to be delivered accurate reports on their table from the paid for crooks who run the inteligence depts.They have been set up, same as all the services have,they believe hook line and sinker the force fed office assignment their bosses deliver.Media similarly.

We can clearlysee the killing machine is out for aduck from the top right down to the bottom.Its operative have been caught out be their enourmous and rampant grid reference errors, that themselves signify the death penalty of commitalby its own self diagnosis of dangerous forensic mental conditions, and circa killings off their wicket.This is how I caught Bill Gates of microsoft along with the rests, all big business banks,insurance companies,computer manufacturing industries,inteligence services,politicians and world leaders, no less.I might add, all drug identitied elements, so called criminal eliments, and no less the internees tthemselves, but to a lesser extent, of these psychiatric/prison detention holding shops.Immmigrants as well, you name, I caught it.
As for my self? Well I have been there and back.Perks of the job anyway.
The new age club thought it could get away with a political cleansing when the right moment came, press the elimination button on its mutant enemies and hi-tail to the promised land, but the them and us of it is on topp, they are caught in every one of the skyscraper office blocks with rampantly virused dangerous minds,and they just dont know what to do.
They are only left with one option ,press the elimination button on everybody.It has killed itself fulfilling the nuclear gridreferrance accuracy of the friendly fire disaster, as I predicted,

The situation now remains that the infrastructures are left standing and the contents(i.e us) have been eliminated.Therefore we still have our systems, but no-one to operate them.The coputers system would not leave the chance for its own mouse to punch in its instructions.
With these remaining tool, I suggest that we free the clock work orange that the system is built on, and diffuse this nightmare.
Nothing is the Number.
Nothing is The Score.
Nothing Equals Itself.
Those who are seeking the lottery money,go elsewhere.
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