Hamish Blog (hamish) wrote,
Hamish Blog

GOD? No such thing.

Proven by science, A natural law of Matter,Time and Space.
I am time and space. I am god. I put myself together in the beginning of time.
So did you.
This is self realization.
I have take resposibillity, for taking apart my atoms and putting them back together again if I am to continue.
There is no such thing as god.

However Gods Software Program,(God, meaning extraterrestial civilizations meddling with human affairs), is
The Fullfilment of The Kingdom of God,no other programn is loaded into them.Furtrher more the way thay see it, not the way we see it.
No good.
Self realization for everybody,they way other people,beings see it is no good.If it is as even worth the way we see it is doubtful.
Completely void of any practical common sence.

A total right off. ever since the concept came into mans minds.
As the Irish Leprecorn said to herself, you are youself a pruduct of time and space and whatever falls in your lap,and you will always be yourself.
It really doesnt matter at the end of the road of who you are...
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