Hamish Blog (hamish) wrote,
Hamish Blog

Nature Controller Balls-Up

The nature controller(s), in this land have been trying to "Goulag up'the nature to recover their politics.Whether or not this habit of controlling nature is taken as its god given right,to whoever it may be, its seems to be caught out,in trying to turn back the clock to the time when such a goulaged up score prevailed.A damning indictment indeed by the circumstancially gained evidence of the readers of the writing on the wall.Are we talken UFO stuff? Ours or their politics? Interesting!Perhaps caught red-hande?,How long has this been going on?"I swear before almighty "god" on the holy bible I am a human being.! ,,fishy??

All the same what a balls up,Live by inaccurate sums die by them, because the said contents do not fit into the said container.Error somewhat.Trying every container with slight resemblances,, still dont fit ,,try another,,,About a much chance as a pint of milk spilt on the pavement of getting the contents back in the bottleDefinition of impossible? It still doesnt give up trying.
No-one can quite work it out,,
Refer this riddle to Richard Dadd.
The catch here to cure one self from blindness require the abillity to see.Catch 22.
You have to be there to be ther. yrequire freedom to win freedom.you need life to gain life,
String together half a dozen catch 22,s.Then solve the riddle/equation.
This is the one about Richard Dadds combination lock on the door.

Ps. I forgot to mention, medlers on the other side of the good intentions fence,, are trying to put the container back into the contents, you see, things are the other way round on the otherside of the wall.

Law Lords up Inns Court never did realize this.
Refer this matter to Richard Dadd.!,,?
More questions than answers,Their are no paint brushes on the other side.
Who did Kill cock Robin?
"It was I", said the Sparrow.

There was no knife.
There was no paint brushes,
,,self same arithemetic as the Star Wars Defence system,,
There is no missile.
There is no defence.
There is not a biro between the lot of them.I have been there.

I have a pen.I have a guitar. I am not on the other side of the wall.I am paradoxically enough, on the otherside of the wall.
Rhada took the right hand path and Krisna took the right hand path and they missed on the way.
Parley-vous Francais?

Doest thou need me to write a self corrective software programn for thy grid-referrance Errors?
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