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Services to HMP whilst detained in Nuthouse.

You are in an experimental psychologists lions den in a high security establishment like that.You are  dealing with  highly classified  information.It is the perfect place for it with some of the highest security possible.No one would suspect that they are not only running very cutting edge scientific experiments, calculations and processings of information there, but that they actual import scientists mathematicians etc as sectioned lunatics to work there, on projects.It would be one of the last places on earth you would suspect of finding inteligence networks and agents etc.nothing less than military headquarters,also interacting with criminal world and military.Some very highly classified science has been going on in these places for many years.If anyone were to say anyting they would be considered crazy, and most probably nutted off.Also they would never get out again unless they signed on the  line that they were a  dangerous schizophenic.So you wouldnt know if this wasthe case.
They utilize almost any thing or anyone of value to these sort of causes.For instance I had a good education in sciences and went to a MI5 training school for 7 years in my younger day,I played rugby at under 19 schoolboy home international tournaments  2 years running, had extensive drug trade knowledge and ET contact.I spent a lot of time processing information that was downloaded to me. whilst I was detained there,I dont really know who I did this for.perhaps Inteligence services. They had a method of contact and download without computers in those days.It was a machine inteligence and it was watertight.No-one knew anything.I also studied in the same sort of way,and this knowledge was for a specific reason , for work I would do at a later stage.I was there for 16years with this higher level learnig processes and work going on.There were two men on my ward with IQ levels above 185, another mensa, mathmatician from Oxford Univeristy, a graduate from Cambridge , IQ 159 with a masters degree and phd in Gaelic languages, There were other suprises as well, not at all as you might imagine.Cutting edge social science.experimental psychology, cutting edge technology,computer sciences, defence systems,(big nuclear and electronic defence interests),drug technologies, brain science,forensics of every type.They dont waste resources in places like that.Technology has advance exponentially and I have not been connected to information from the inside for 10-15 years, so what I say is out of date.I have picked up that brainscience and drug technology is far ahead of simply being able to deliver computer print outs by telepathy ,its beyond our beliefs now.Emf and sound frequency brain  control now as well on mass scales.They have the abillity to work invisibly on anyone anywhere  probably witout drugs or contact or implants..
I became very quick  and efficient at comunicating with this machine type inteligence and as I moved toward release, it stepped up the workload.Fast learning techniques were deliverred to me for workor tasks I may be asked to do.
I had some very highly classified and interesting projects downloaded on release including work delivering inteligence information  by means of telepathy.I was also used to locate UFO,s telepathically and have them bought down by targetting their belief systems telepathically.They were then recoverred by miltary helicoptors.I was taught to do this.It is classified, dangerous work, which had to be done by machine, (computers)in those days, 1998/2002 I started talking about  this stuff  on the internet, beacuse I was getting messed about by services.I was damaged and erased.Most of the time I was erased after doing a task for them(military).Nearly all this work was controlled telepathically by the  pentagon computers.Human hand was not involved most of it being too dangerous.ET being one of the major dangers.Psychiatric medications facilitated comunication with computers by telepathy.This is how far advanced technology was even in 2000.I very much doubt if doctors  knew any of this.Inteligence work blinds by the late,nobody ever finds out anything. It activates its own security and secrecy.This is not known.It is not the same thing as wiping away your fingerprints.
Transparancy might be the best security.
I did a lot of work for them and must have been very useful because I was telepathic, had a lot of ET knowledge and experience, some of which is very classified,,was trained in the sciences to a high level, was inteligent, had a lot of redundant metaphysical knowledge and was on the alternative map, was a center hub of contactees,also had a military like training ,which virtually gave you high ranking  status.Also I had incredible security clearances and access to information.Very  useful.
My abillity to use machine forensics for defensive purposes was  advanced and was used for military defensive exercises.There was and still is an ongoing attempt to deliver a nuclear first strike and an armageddon in the West.There is a continual machine defence and attack exercise going on all the time.All of the defences were electronic and computerized.This kept me occupied for a long time.I was used for this .All the nuclear defences are based on machine forensics, where I was well trained.
One of the key features in me doing these sort of things was secrecy.I was  trained to hide behind a facade of schizophrenia to gave me invisabilty from being taken seriously, and suspected.therefore the machine could get away with so much, including work in top security prisons and hospitals which believe it or not are military HQ areas. High security work goes on there.It gave me very easy and immediate access to information, to services,it connected me to the machinary and contacts.Contacts and connections are usually introduced to each other in these places.Misinformtion is standard practice with professionals they do not have accurate information about you..The only way to find information was through your biological machine program.Inteligence information is controlled by machine telepathy,it is not even written out.info was.These are machine centres that download their clients asignments via the drug madications.Thye are basically  biological computers wired up to the pentagon miltary computers, Not many people know the score..

 I died three times in Broadmoor Hospital,in my sleep.Each time  Iwas forceably returned to my body.Also I died in 2006 where I am now, but .ET couldnt get me back in this time..basically I dont function or work any longer.Something keeps me looking as if I am here but it is thin ice.
I think they want my DNA.They might be slowly cloning me and return my conciousness later.i acnt tellif they will keep my going or not.
 These clients are information processing machines.Some of these clients are telepathic, and they will quickly learn to download assignments from the machine and will be telepathically controlled by the pentagon computers to fullfil tasks.It is difficult to get good quality mental health subjects.They are not after the unwell ,they are afterbgood quality minds so as to get work done.They dont want you if they cant use you.
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