Hamish Blog (hamish) wrote,
Hamish Blog

JULY 19th 2015. What Happenned ! ?

I got knocked out and memory erased in Oct 2008 by authorities with heavy medications for 5 years straight sleeping 20 hours a day, as explained in my Livejournal blog/indexoffence.I put on weight and my muscles wasted a good bit,but in 2013 I sarted to get back on the road with a drug reduction.I stopped smoking and went for a 3 mile walk every day to Richmond Park,with my friend Magda.I also managed to pay off my debts to the credit companies.I have been musically inactive but have given my 5 albums away free by a link on my website http://www.Hamishmac.co.uk, to my Cloud storage.Fee Cds and Videos too.
Anyway I am getting back into a bit off life and will try to blog on this page every so often to keep it up to date.
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