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Defuse the military machine?
My view to the solution of these 25 year old problems was original a holoistic one, after all it is nature defense at the end of the day,Star Wars Systems,was to take the lock off the Goulag doors.This is not just a paper exercise this is a physical material exercise.However, the law of the land does operate on paper as well, and now its semms that paperwork is required to go along with this manouvour.However one cannot change the Law which is built onb fundemenal Nature principals.Nature is a fact.Nature law is a fact.However this also applies to those that are not clients of the Goulags.
One can see why for so long my case has been of key interest.Overmuch so, as far as I amm concerned.Other case histories of course are also utilized in Goulags.
We can see why this massively riduculous medical answer was thrown at the Human Race.Itis a paper arguement, but it does not even come close to delivering in practice.It is a written off arguement.The diagnosis is "DEAD",alongside the nuclear self-destruct military arguement self same arithmetic.
In truth,The solution to the Goulag problem is to release them, but however they must die instead in a free enviroment.that is the double solution, but vetenary solutions are no good, they simply cannot be put down, neither can the be murdered against criminal Law.Again why my case is interesting, because it is a book on criminal Law at the fundemental Inns Court Level.Victim of circumstance ,with built in self-defence killing arithemetic.A circa.(BY nature)
Quite honestly detainees could not survive release any way it would more or less a crime to throw them out of a Goulag.I have been their its all hype,and mythycal non existant fabricated story .the truth behind these places does not even come close to what is forced fed to the public.As long as a deterrant is maintained society can carry on. THE BIG PROBLEM. currently the law/legal system is running against the law, and has been the case for 25 years, UK.
Self same artificial inteligence systems arithematic ,once again.
Very counter productive.
However, medical state workers have left copiuous witten material, and all of it is based on "Opinion"
"The Opinon" area is so seriously and fatally floored ,verifiably so, by cross checking written material, that all legal cases since 1976 are unsafe, and the law has assinated its own case to be credible in any respect since 1979, and as the Inns Court fundemental principals clearly state, the Law must release all detainees since 1976 at least,as mentioned English law.This a nature fact,a law fact.
Release dictated to by the Law of nature, whether the arguement is or is not on paper, all convictions quashed since 1976 at least.
This is English Law This a fact to be put on The Table of the currant Law Lord, And he/her cannot possibly deny it, if he is versed correctly on the fundemental prescepts of English Law.

One simply cannot replacenatural English law with a set of rules suitable for kids at a secondary modern High school,and dish out death sentances for smoking in the corridor.
It entirely misses the point of why and what law is a about.
As in JS Bach music exists equally well wirhout the written score.So it is with Law also.A nature fact.

Amaterial physical problem prison is, it is not a paper arguement or a freedom of mind, or enlightenment we are talking about behind that wll, truth does not exist, it is Physical imprisonment,not as some hippy bastards religio people say, possible to free.Take it from me, I have been there.
Further more when one is released one requires to do the time for the crime, because this also is impossible to do inside prison,plus extra.
Most would state as their reason," to get out and sort themselves out a palace to die".
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