Hamish Blog (hamish) wrote,
Hamish Blog

The Machine Has Conquered.

I think this has been suspected for a long time, but I suppose we are all wonderring when this will be officially ratified by the scientists, in the wake of the haldron collider experiments in Switzerland.The official publication of the Unified Field Theory formula.The formula for everything, so called.The holy grail.Workable models have been available for some time, and technology, at it cutting edge, has included this revolutionary power in some of its applications,miltary etc, but obviously secretly.Very soon ,however we shall be introduced to the bona fide, genuine mathematical solution to the forces and the elementary particles.The formula for Infinity and Eternity itself.
The brutal controlling force of The machine is, and has been, evident to everybody for along time,, and its increasing power, but on the assumption that we are on the eve of the publication of the Formula,it is also a mind blowing event in the history of man and the World.There is no reply to it.It silences our tongue and leaves all the greatest human minds speechless .
In laymans terms, and for social comment,it will have to be encountered, but due to politics and destructive secrecy,there is a sever disconection between the machnie workers and the common people.
This machine triumph has come at a very high price, and one wonders whether anyone can afford to pay the bill. 
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