Hamish Blog (hamish) wrote,
Hamish Blog

Valentine,s Day Update.2010.

I have long neglected to keep in touch on this blog.I think due to the unveiling of such an extraordinary politrical situation, that I have not been able to find words to describe it.I though that no comment was the appropriate response.But now I will precise the last year or so as a general view of what the sitiation now is,,as I see it.
Fast computing in my view has performed another revolution.It has cut through and laid to waste half, if not more of the system , which is not by anymeans assured of survival.The political and financial system is in tatters, all areas of society have been blown apart by a hurricane of devastating proportions.The thouroughly corrupt sysetm has not wqithstiod the impeccable scrutiny, and the profound errors themselves in all systems have laid bare the total disaster that we now see.I am sure I am not alone in this social perception.Police, courts, prisons government,,welfare,Old people, jobs, wages, children care  and services.Corrupt and rotten to the core.
We will be lucky to survive.
There is no longer even a pretence at the rule of law by even the police and services.The infrastructure has broken down.We are bogged down in an impotent muddy swamp, named the UK.The indevidual componants of this system, i.e the people are also in an irrepairable condition, and to me there seems little,if any, hope.I would not like to bet on our abillity to feed ouselves for much longer.
It looks bad to me.
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