Hamish Blog (hamish) wrote,
Hamish Blog

Update 3rd September 2008

I have now started my facebook.com and myspace.com accounts which I cross referrance with my many livejournal.com accounts/pages.
www.livejournal.com /hamishinfo co-ordinates my page and site information.

My three music site are www.Hamishmac.co.uk,www.acidplanet.com/Hamishmac-Guitar and www.Livejournal/hamishmusic where I teach music by ear approach, and encourage.
Myspace.com/hamishmac is also music indexed.I keep politics away from music. They dont mix.And Business.

I have today finished some very interesting articles on my Livejounal.com pages "messiahmachine" and " hamishlegal."
They would be worth reading, being currently topical to all.
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