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1979 Old Bailley. Prentice/Shot v MacPherson

The govt. lost its case by my circa challenge.The Case Kills the Cure.It was at the juncture where the collective conciousness of the land went criminal and the govt. should have conceeded and changed the law rather than fight a loosing battle and the subsequent destuction of our country. Thatcher saw that it was a power vacuum that arose in 1979 and tried to solve it.Govt. should have conceeded power.My case was a criminal case not a psychiatric. Ther whole country was psychiatriked stated rather than admit the facts of nature.Psychology process of prison is the same anyway for such a case,even though correct psychology, it would have , and still does have to conceed to it if not guilty by criminal law.Rather than nut off itself and the entire country.
The situation is the same today.400 years of Inns Court Law must be re-written, complete reversal of laws drawn up from nature to the logical criminal nature laws.This will defuse the timb bomb that exists and deliver a prosperopus and orderly society.These laws must be pushed through parliament and a new bread of first class criminal minds elected to rule.Criminal logic is a perfectly good working formula.Change delivers a new strtegy for police and military in complete reversal of polarity in defence and attack strategy.Notice the attempted change of tactics by the English rugby team against the French this year.
Look at it this way there is no shortage of deterrant law if a criminal steals another criminals money.
This is a successful formula instead of a failure.
I will not stand to represent my constituancy, though!
The professor at Oxford could learn more about time and space by 42 years in prison and a deeper insight into anti-gravity,if there is no other way over the prison wall.
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