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March 17th, 2008


Schiz people see the world around them as schiz, everybody as schiz.
A liar should be hit.
A lie in someone is not schiz.
A liar is schiz.And spreads.
This is the rule for antichrist the devil and satan.


These things are not meant to be.Having watched them mushroom from the sony walkman.Computers are for computing, mearly a pen and ink. They are for a mathematician, of no value to us.Side tracking its purpose with useless pastimes, by-roads to mislead off the path.Science is alowing high principals to be prostituted, fundemental forces of nature for blasphemy.Comunicating by letter is natural but input into cyberspaces resultin overload, thisinfocannot be processed, so ceases to be of value, even though technically it is not.It is outside Time and Space and thus has kidnappedus, removed us from our world,i.e murdered us,exterminated.Does it deliver heaven or hell, an afterlife? Are our deceased relatives there..
Acedemically speaking it is not wrong to understand technology and science, but that is all.


As far as keeping the formula of who you are in your pocket in case you should forget is wrong.It should be discarded.Otherwise the object becomes greater than the purpose. This defeats the object and the purpose is not realized.As far as spreading the gospel of the holy grail goes, it is bible bashing.This alien designed perpetual motion machine is a fundementally floored arguement on four counts. Two being mentioned, also it does not deliver totality and it doesnt work. It returns to the antichrist machine.It cn be likenned to the drug dealer. It is rubbish.
True, it does see itself, but it should be then discarded.
As did King Henry the Eigth to religion ,it should be reduced to half hour on sunday this 24/7 world.
Spiritulism is spiritual death.
God is the devil.
There is no prize. There is no fulfilment .there is no God.


The systems machine was built on containment of the lands nature in the goulags, and makes possible the antichrist machine. The psychiatric stateexperiment to compulsory force everyone into its new age enlightenment is the same thing is depicted by richard dadd in his "Fairy Fellers Masterstroke "painting.However it is not Holy Grail god it is Holy Grail antichrist.
This 30 year experiment has failedtodeliver. It is 100% Failure.
The Holy Grail ,God version differs. It does deliver.To see yourself.Its programn design is the fulfillment of god for all under compulsion, but it does not liberate from the Masterstroke plan, which still predominates.It does not deliver god and is still the antichrist Fairy Feller programnOnce again a 100% Failure.
New Age? Globalization? New Order?
100% Failure.


Aliens control the machine. The system.They control the nature of the land. They always have.
What is their secret? They know to control the goulags, But they will not open the door.The criteria for relase from a goulag is very very rare to acheive, by the home office regulations, or by definition of the condition. One has to eliminate risk which means overcome your nature or release it,(in laymans terms).Yet since the psychiatric stae power and the coming into being of our new age super machine,most of the nations fate has benn realized to be foprever incarcerated in Antichrists torure machine,(Goulags,Asylums).Yet the rulers pof the machine have no power have no power outside the machine and cannot do anything about it.Aliens control, and they will not open the doors because humans in our society have the keys to Alien doors, they have to contain them or eliminate.However we must open the doors, an inhuman fate awaits, and has incedentally existed since prisons and asylums began.This applies world wide.
There is something about the inate knowledge of long term prisoners that cannot be denied and they have always advocated this as their central issue. They know to do this, although it does not seem rational to some. It cannot be known by acedemic departments.It is not explainable.
The machine and system was built with errors in its construction. Many people can gues this. This means erros in our succeeding generations, the nature thereof.We cannot correct these errors.The reason for this is the system machine includes military self defence. It has many purposes built into it.The bottom line of this is a nuclear failsafe program, beyond the reach of human interferance for obvious reasons.This does mean there is an error in the military machine also, which cannot be corrected.To correct this error we must have access to the nuclear faisafe codes which is impossible for human hands.So we are locked in.If the nuclear needed to be fired outside automatic responce artificial inteligence programn , we would not be able to do it. This is the case.In truth we have no access to weapons, the combined western military.
So it is essential we do something about Alien control of the machine and the thing we can do to solve the problem is to release the goulag nature from containment. Unconditionally open the prison and asylum doors. Relinquish the law of the land.It will work. Paranoid fears of chaos are false.All long term detainees know this and always have.
But it is a door into the Unknown.

Those who have the key to the alien doors are in peril of being forever damned.
Drug addicts.
Metaphysics dabblers.

Monday 17th March 2008. ARTICLES>

The following five articles I have written this morning contain a thread, a connection.

The Doors of Understanding

All the politics involved today ,and more, are captured in Richard Dadds masterpiece "The Fairy Fellers Masterstroke".It varies in its evaluation between a mediocre work and a total Masterpiece.It is though significant to be a national treasure and kept at the national gallery. Prints of it available for about #9pounds,from them.It is very telling that Richard dadd was incarcerated 30 years longer than neccessary and died.Was never released.He was sent to Top Security after his painting was finished, not before, also it took a hundred years to surface, found on the superintedants own property list.It encaptures the same politics as below,180 years ago the story is the same.
In our modern day, this machine system delivers the self same Fairy Feller politics to us ,it is the same antichrist machine,
The politics of the antichrist, the devil nad Satan are the same. Also the same as Dadd depicts.Such an encounter will kill. The infrmation of who they are, once processed is a death,an enlightenmen, so to speak, but with a more difficult understanding.It kills.
God on the other hand,Kills also, but in a kinder way, yet again there is a differant understanding, also an enlightenment.
So the exagerations of evil, the devil satan and antichrist are out of proportion as a rule and always will.They are definately to be feared and will definately kill,nothing less. But also nothing more.These are the politics of are modern machine,and we, in this today society, are dead by antichrist politics.
Therefore all of us have a definate link with the history of the past , of how this came into being, and as such a definate connection withe goulags and prisons and institutions,encapsulated in the Richard Dadd masterpiece.

Foreign Opposition.

The UK is knocked out. NATO countries, France and Germany, ar not gonna like my Blogg today, You can be sure, neither the Russians and the Chinese.
I said the machine is under alien control.It is. They will oppose my suggestion.It may finds favour here.


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