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May 28th, 2006

"hamishlegal".New page. My Law Case.

This new livejournal page is a big time expose, new article.
Go to www.Livejournal.com ,under user name hamishlegal I will be issuing articles addressing legal matters.

Similarly user under usename hamishmedical,, medical conversation,articles and comment.

Alien political reasons laid bare.

On my www.Livejounal.com page user name,, under, ufohamish, I have delivered an article to explain what hes been going on in Unitd Kingdom power politics since 1979.And the Alien cards,that hev dealt in from other starsystems. Some effort on my pages has been made to introduce some help to understanding the mind of these things.Whether beneficial or not , I dont know, but the lack of knowledge in these things is to big, so I have trid to update partial-improvement.Not many facts exist.

THATCHER? For or Against Us?

The goverments right to rule , and others may not be in question always in the past, but in recent times this can be fatally floore, as in this day of technology, such criteria as technical accuracy may be crucial.
The intersting ideas that the 1979 Thatcher govermment tried to intoduce , of self government and ownership were crucial at this time , on base principals of food and shelter, as afirst step to handing back the power to the citizans. She must have recognized this neccessatity. However it has turned out to mean that your own limited company and assets were to be set up handed straight back to goverment, as all power politics have dictated since.Meritocracy was a failure to, and current communists ideas, disasterous also.The situation has exponentially worsenned,since 1976.

It is true, that the government have no right whatsoever to rule any longer, even since the Thatcher election win.Technically speaking.They lost powerat this time, Who know controls this vacuum, if anyone is, a good question.Other nations also, are similarly struck.
Ther is a case for food and shelter. The basic priority, but in no way a goverment politic since this time. They cannot use this excuse,exclusive, although partially they can justify steering us to make this provision.


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