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March 1st, 2006


I am a freeman, as much as the next with no outstanding convictions.They having been "spent", by 27 years.However, orders,social, psychiatric etc have less recently been irradicated, which is not far off the same thing.In about early 2000 my last legal cuffs were removed and so since this time I have been legally free citizen as much as any.Social orders, any drug stuff etc., is no longer applicable to my case, which many like to keep in motion.
There aa we know continued high surveillance and attempts to put the paper handcuffs on by the dirty tricks depts, not just the state either, but these have resulted in leaving very strong traces of state machine crime everywhere,and put me in an even stronger defended legal position.
I do understand the machine has a dirty tricks-no-limit dept. and that it will try every indirect means in the book to eliminate, but this now is widespredly known , so ultimately they,"it", is in a relatively weakenned position.Having said so, of course , many do not have the defensive, and coverage of the paperwork thereof, to be to brave,But, do not forget, this applies to system workers themselves,, not,jot less, than to ourselves,, and this stretches to the very top of the system/machine.
I do not endourse or advocate crime,A degree of self defence, yes.
I do not endourse the knocking of a system either,,but it is so politically-virus infected, that it war on its own has gone over the legal allowance, and defences are required to the abuses of it, which come from those who push its buttons.It is catagorically guilty of knocking its own citizens and in my case this has been exccesive to an extrodinary degree, thefore the politics that I am thrown into are not of my own making at all, they are fabricated.
I am and having been on the receiving end of this non stop.We alll are subject to this.

Conclusion, Credit and legal, good health.
Not busted.


Paper hanncuffs, basically but a radical differance for detained and not detained,situation,not least in terms of psychology. Some say the locked door and iron bars are merely psychological, but they are not,this delivers is a real nature prison,with "off the wheel of becoming solutions".

Beside the obvious detainments their is ,of course,the paper arguement. This is the major area of concern, but it was developed from the inner detainment experience/experimentation, although has differrances in its game plan, quite major in some areas, but with the same endgoals.

Freedom is removed and the is a freedom of mind is the modern target. This means that it is subject to control and programming, a very definate loss of freedom though.To eliminate a grid referanced strike is the reason,For state power,onthe assumption that it would be an error of grid-refferance, i.e Terrorist. Although , the major arithmetic is based on the assumption of eliminating a grid-referance-error strike, because this indicate A BLINDNESS.This is law application from street leval upwards.
The one, indicates criminality and the other indicates mental illness/schizophrenia. The law for many years has been built and maintained on the latter arguement, as the new crimnal law. This is a huge shift in Law, (last 25 years).Psychiatric.
If the services can prove that actions of a latter type, crimally dangerous ones,are operating, Then paperwork can be drawn up to deal with the person. Nicked. Busted. Nutted off.By a signiture. It doesnt entail the neccessatity of detention, mostly , so one never can be sure who is or is not nicked/busted, directly, or indirectly through their familly and loved ones.(Dirty Tricks).
These cause/effects of blindness and gridrefferance errors, are very predictable however, And The Central Scrutinizing agency aint gonna miss this..so essentially the majority are nicked/busted if it comes to it.., , even the button pushers.
The law is in operation for defence but it defeats its the object, when one needs defence against the law.Particularly in its motives and errors of target. Also it defeats the object when it out-laws grid-referenced activity in favour of grid-refernced error activity. This HAS BEEN THE CASE FOR 25 YEARS, BY PSYCHIATRIC LAW.
It is irricoverable it erroneously built its case on this mistake, and built a machine that is anti-nature, that no-one can stop.
So the counter arguement is that government is not an error of gridreferance,to challenge and defeat.

So the paper work determines whether or not you are busted/nicked, by a social or medical order, which is mostly a doctors signature.(Not well).The definition is that they have got your "Mind".The indirect way is to nick/bust someone with whom you have a mental attachment.i.e. loved one perhaps.
Now the bottom line of loosing your mind, is where does it go?
The contention by the freaked-out general public, is it goes into the nature-drain to the Bedlam of a Prison/psychiatric/instution-locked door neverland of indefinate interment, and climbing-of-walls.For the Nature of a land has conventionally has been the case and been the deterant of the Law.Power moguls , for a long term have been trying to eliminate this obstacle to power, which is what we have been witnessing, but have little understanding of it.
There is not a problem with breaking the written law nor ever has been , if it is lawful to the human mind, non damaging and harmmless actions,which it sometimes can be, neither in the area of self-defence, which will often be outlawed, in favour of an illegal attack.
But for those who do get nicked, however small the charge, they will not get the paperwork alterred, until they have been put through the machine. Previously law was punishment,correction deterrant, but now it is to see that you are blind. That you must learn to see again , or cease to function.This is a darn site Bigger than it seems, because the definition of "Blindness" and "seeing", is a total self-realization, "Buddha,Christ",off the wheel of becoming program, anyway, which means you aint gonna be able to function anyway, and you will never be free to operate, however, you win you own mind back, under ultimate laws of Mind.This is a life long programn of compulsory "Enlightenment",maybe many lives,sometimes for a misdeneamour.
Orphanages, institutions, old peoples hospitals, hospitals in genaral, have these sort of politics built into them. All institutions do,.
So those who try to run from this problem can be in trouble if they are doing so without possession of their full mind.It is mostly a paper arguement,and sometimes doesnt help to run from it.

They have after 25 years intensive effort, incuding much detainment, not been able to produce substancial evidence/paperwork against me, in my case. This is the reason behind continuing and expensive effort to still do so, for it is somewaht embarrassing for them.Therefore I, am not nicked or busted on paper, nor nutted off, and never have been,,on paper,, even though spent plenty of time detained in prison/psychiatric institutions.Simply because they could not substiate on paper.
The technical reasons for this , I will not go further with. They are available.
I have no mental attachments or imprisoment/indirect paper work either, at the crisis and profound levels, and therefore I am not "Busted, Nicked, or Nutted" off, as the general consensus of opinion states.
The situations of dogy information awareness, is an unsound basis on which to operate.

One must never interfere with the very differrant politics of a detained person, without having been there.They have an inside-out ,opposite psychology. They are totally dominated, 24/7 with the freedom of GETTING out of that "dungeon".WE outside if confronted, being oppositely psychologied, with STAYING outside."THERE IS NO "INNERSPACE "POSSIBILLITIES EITHER, AS SOME PEOPLE ASSUME, AND THEIR IS NO MENTAL FREEDOM.THIS IS TECHNICALLY IMPOSSIBLE, AND DO-GOODERS FAIL TO REALIZE THIS.THERE IS NO POSSIBILLITY OF CORRECTION OR "DOING THE BIRD"EITHER.It is a place where God is dead.A pet,a cat or a dog, for instance would be so freaked out, that it would not surrvive te insides of these places,It is not possible to get high on drugs and stuff that people believe, outside those walls.
It is only possible to do the paper work inside of the faulty psychology, (this be whether or not , faulty, simply to get out,)and do the "bird",sentance or whatever one when outside the locks.

It is very closely similar to life for the dead, on the bardo.Total sensory deprivation condition are diluted very much nowadays though.,
It does differ very much from the paperwork imprisonment programs, in its stark ovbious compulsion to freedom.
Howevere, the pqperwork program, if not strongly reminded, can lead to a false sense of security.
Their are other big differrances too.
The state machine was built on HP terms, in this modern,age by techinicans and government advisors, on the forensic psychiatric precepts.Psychological foundations, of state law/deterrant.To solve a human problem by science, by scientists.It has failed miserably, due to the repayment of the HP terms, that it cannot repay.It borrowed and wired up their sick minds to see their way out of trouble, and are now hit by the machinary they built, which has sectioned ,diagnosed and danmned them, on the self same forensic grounds on which it was first manufactured.Alongside its clintel.
You see, the medical/psychiatric/social/legal- profession was not investing in its clientels welfare, but hellbent on finding a way out of their own drastic plight.


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