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February 6th, 2006

See www.Livejournal.com/hamishcomputers for ,Round 3, MICROSOFT/ARTIFICIAL/DEFENCE/STARWARS/SYSTEM??




Defuse the military machine?
My view to the solution of these 25 year old problems was original a holoistic one, after all it is nature defense at the end of the day,Star Wars Systems,was to take the lock off the Goulag doors.This is not just a paper exercise this is a physical material exercise.However, the law of the land does operate on paper as well, and now its semms that paperwork is required to go along with this manouvour.However one cannot change the Law which is built onb fundemenal Nature principals.Nature is a fact.Nature law is a fact.However this also applies to those that are not clients of the Goulags.
One can see why for so long my case has been of key interest.Overmuch so, as far as I amm concerned.Other case histories of course are also utilized in Goulags.
We can see why this massively riduculous medical answer was thrown at the Human Race.Itis a paper arguement, but it does not even come close to delivering in practice.It is a written off arguement.The diagnosis is "DEAD",alongside the nuclear self-destruct military arguement self same arithmetic.
In truth,The solution to the Goulag problem is to release them, but however they must die instead in a free enviroment.that is the double solution, but vetenary solutions are no good, they simply cannot be put down, neither can the be murdered against criminal Law.Again why my case is interesting, because it is a book on criminal Law at the fundemental Inns Court Level.Victim of circumstance ,with built in self-defence killing arithemetic.A circa.(BY nature)
Quite honestly detainees could not survive release any way it would more or less a crime to throw them out of a Goulag.I have been their its all hype,and mythycal non existant fabricated story .the truth behind these places does not even come close to what is forced fed to the public.As long as a deterrant is maintained society can carry on. THE BIG PROBLEM. currently the law/legal system is running against the law, and has been the case for 25 years, UK.
Self same artificial inteligence systems arithematic ,once again.
Very counter productive.
However, medical state workers have left copiuous witten material, and all of it is based on "Opinion"
"The Opinon" area is so seriously and fatally floored ,verifiably so, by cross checking written material, that all legal cases since 1976 are unsafe, and the law has assinated its own case to be credible in any respect since 1979, and as the Inns Court fundemental principals clearly state, the Law must release all detainees since 1976 at least,as mentioned English law.This a nature fact,a law fact.
Release dictated to by the Law of nature, whether the arguement is or is not on paper, all convictions quashed since 1976 at least.
This is English Law This a fact to be put on The Table of the currant Law Lord, And he/her cannot possibly deny it, if he is versed correctly on the fundemental prescepts of English Law.

One simply cannot replacenatural English law with a set of rules suitable for kids at a secondary modern High school,and dish out death sentances for smoking in the corridor.
It entirely misses the point of why and what law is a about.
As in JS Bach music exists equally well wirhout the written score.So it is with Law also.A nature fact.

Amaterial physical problem prison is, it is not a paper arguement or a freedom of mind, or enlightenment we are talking about behind that wll, truth does not exist, it is Physical imprisonment,not as some hippy bastards religio people say, possible to free.Take it from me, I have been there.
Further more when one is released one requires to do the time for the crime, because this also is impossible to do inside prison,plus extra.
Most would state as their reason," to get out and sort themselves out a palace to die".


The article following this one, is a brief statemant of my much talked about case history, legal issue,around the incedent that lead to detainment for 20 years.

Nature Controller Balls-Up

The nature controller(s), in this land have been trying to "Goulag up'the nature to recover their politics.Whether or not this habit of controlling nature is taken as its god given right,to whoever it may be, its seems to be caught out,in trying to turn back the clock to the time when such a goulaged up score prevailed.A damning indictment indeed by the circumstancially gained evidence of the readers of the writing on the wall.Are we talken UFO stuff? Ours or their politics? Interesting!Perhaps caught red-hande?,How long has this been going on?"I swear before almighty "god" on the holy bible I am a human being.! ,,fishy??

All the same what a balls up,Live by inaccurate sums die by them, because the said contents do not fit into the said container.Error somewhat.Trying every container with slight resemblances,, still dont fit ,,try another,,,About a much chance as a pint of milk spilt on the pavement of getting the contents back in the bottleDefinition of impossible? It still doesnt give up trying.
No-one can quite work it out,,
Refer this riddle to Richard Dadd.
The catch here to cure one self from blindness require the abillity to see.Catch 22.
You have to be there to be ther. yrequire freedom to win freedom.you need life to gain life,
String together half a dozen catch 22,s.Then solve the riddle/equation.
This is the one about Richard Dadds combination lock on the door.

Ps. I forgot to mention, medlers on the other side of the good intentions fence,, are trying to put the container back into the contents, you see, things are the other way round on the otherside of the wall.

Law Lords up Inns Court never did realize this.
Refer this matter to Richard Dadd.!,,?
More questions than answers,Their are no paint brushes on the other side.
Who did Kill cock Robin?
"It was I", said the Sparrow.

There was no knife.
There was no paint brushes,
,,self same arithemetic as the Star Wars Defence system,,
There is no missile.
There is no defence.
There is not a biro between the lot of them.I have been there.

I have a pen.I have a guitar. I am not on the other side of the wall.I am paradoxically enough, on the otherside of the wall.
Rhada took the right hand path and Krisna took the right hand path and they missed on the way.
Parley-vous Francais?

Doest thou need me to write a self corrective software programn for thy grid-referrance Errors?

GOD? No such thing.

Proven by science, A natural law of Matter,Time and Space.
I am time and space. I am god. I put myself together in the beginning of time.
So did you.
This is self realization.
I have take resposibillity, for taking apart my atoms and putting them back together again if I am to continue.
There is no such thing as god.

However Gods Software Program,(God, meaning extraterrestial civilizations meddling with human affairs), is
The Fullfilment of The Kingdom of God,no other programn is loaded into them.Furtrher more the way thay see it, not the way we see it.
No good.
Self realization for everybody,they way other people,beings see it is no good.If it is as even worth the way we see it is doubtful.
Completely void of any practical common sence.

A total right off. ever since the concept came into mans minds.
As the Irish Leprecorn said to herself, you are youself a pruduct of time and space and whatever falls in your lap,and you will always be yourself.
It really doesnt matter at the end of the road of who you are...

UFO killingfields

USA what I call the factory of alien technology.It has been under alien nature and alen mind control. But the software download to the humans therte is incorrectly translated.Errors ginourmous. Same here.Same with everybody.Know one knows how to translate, or communicate, to put it another way.Systems of seeing, mathematics etc. But what they are trying to say, Is see yourself, for goodness sake do not see us,For all intents and purpose they do not exist.(Even though they do.)Might as well be either way, us to them. This is the situation.
However they are their own controllers of nature and expect we assume to control ours, which would not seem to be the right thing to do.They have been caught using the goulags and the worlds clockwork oranges for themselves.And this is the thing about goulags, always has been.It has always been covered up.
This is why no-one ever gets out of a goulag.Loaf of bread or murder.
This is well known on the otherside of the wall.
It is because of the usefulness these goulags and contents are to the extraterrestial ufo controllers of the lands nature.
They have lost us, certainly, here, I am now wondering if they will cotrol still through the rest of the plant animal life in the UK.
UfO nature controllers simply want to centralize and use the goulags as their own killing machine, and set things up for the battle of its ownership, all power politics themselves are fighting over control of this thing, and I say close it down, open up the goulags.
THATS RIGHT the killing machine, the Goulags, psychiatric detention centrs have simply been bought and paid for for the purposes of doing other peoples circa killings, grid-referance accuacy or not. This is what the artificial inteligence system is about and indeed, the Star Wars Defence system itself.Indeed Microsoft itself.A totally corrupt virused rotten apple all the way to the very Top of Western world power.
When did time stop for you?
Yes its gridreferance strike is yesterday and it has no "missile" it is fatally floored in error of target,and is guranteed to miss,anyway, simply compounding the problem counter to its very own interests,and all concerned, on either side of the fence, whether you are on the right or the wrong.
They are paid for killing and torture shops, by those in positions to be able to afford the price, and none of motives are behind them other than greed averice.power .sex and money, and the battle is on for this weapon, as it has been for 25 years.Government was the first to get caught with its hand in the till, and eventualy most of society was on the band wagon to get their killings done by the state.Many may serve in good faith, even politicians and Home Secretarys themselves,,They are very unlikely to be delivered accurate reports on their table from the paid for crooks who run the inteligence depts.They have been set up, same as all the services have,they believe hook line and sinker the force fed office assignment their bosses deliver.Media similarly.

We can clearlysee the killing machine is out for aduck from the top right down to the bottom.Its operative have been caught out be their enourmous and rampant grid reference errors, that themselves signify the death penalty of commitalby its own self diagnosis of dangerous forensic mental conditions, and circa killings off their wicket.This is how I caught Bill Gates of microsoft along with the rests, all big business banks,insurance companies,computer manufacturing industries,inteligence services,politicians and world leaders, no less.I might add, all drug identitied elements, so called criminal eliments, and no less the internees tthemselves, but to a lesser extent, of these psychiatric/prison detention holding shops.Immmigrants as well, you name, I caught it.
As for my self? Well I have been there and back.Perks of the job anyway.
The new age club thought it could get away with a political cleansing when the right moment came, press the elimination button on its mutant enemies and hi-tail to the promised land, but the them and us of it is on topp, they are caught in every one of the skyscraper office blocks with rampantly virused dangerous minds,and they just dont know what to do.
They are only left with one option ,press the elimination button on everybody.It has killed itself fulfilling the nuclear gridreferrance accuracy of the friendly fire disaster, as I predicted,

The situation now remains that the infrastructures are left standing and the contents(i.e us) have been eliminated.Therefore we still have our systems, but no-one to operate them.The coputers system would not leave the chance for its own mouse to punch in its instructions.
With these remaining tool, I suggest that we free the clock work orange that the system is built on, and diffuse this nightmare.
Nothing is the Number.
Nothing is The Score.
Nothing Equals Itself.
Those who are seeking the lottery money,go elsewhere.


To many this means to finish off the jigsaw puzzle,in
order to simply the formula,so the masses and masses of information technology can be off-loaded,which is what the whole things about.Make no mistake about that one.We do not need a third frontal lobe.Here of course we must quantify mathematically, and get the formual and mathematicalequations for Time itself. Also space.
Eternity and Infinity.Written formulas thereof.
This will deliver the solution of the creation of matter and unify the 4 fundemental forces of nature.
It will deliver the so called Holy Grail.
Give a religion of self realization to mankind, if he so wishes to study himself.
It will deliver, as the Irish Leprecorn so rightly said, Yourself.Windows cleaned,see the sky again.
Work done.The sack is therefore the wages for this work to the Professor of Science at Oxford and Cambridge. End up with the dustmans job.
Of course they will carry on inventing excuses to play with their toys and computers,but their job is finished , they would nedd to be put on the scrap heap.
The litll9 numbered formula for everything in you back pocket, will be the depository of everything known, time immorial.And nature will dictate the return to nature, not machines.
Make no mistake the religious fanatics ,It is not all what it is cracked up to be, the truth.It is so very ordinary, but where it is highly rated is in the putting the less than nothing world in the dustbin.
After all we have mostly all been ourselves and seen the sky before, and we did shout eureka then, in fact after 20 minutes went back indoors because it was chilly and had endless cups of tea and fags!
There are no prizes to give away, yourself is all there is, and all there ever will be.How does anyone expect something for nothing.The truth is what actually is.You cant re-invent it to suit youself and deliver youself a million bucks of "A not you" commodity.
We are confronted with unstable minds in the scientific sector, same as every where else.


To many this means to finish off the jigsaw puzzle,in
order to simply the formula,so the masses and masses of information technology can be off-loaded,which is what the whole things about.Make no mistake about that one.We do not need a third frontal lobe.Here of course we must quantify mathematically, and get the formual and mathematicalequations for Time itself. Also space.
Eternity and Infinity.Written formulas thereof.
This will deliver the solution of the creation of matter and unify the 4 fundemental forces of nature.
It will deliver the so called Holy Grail.
Give a religion of self realization to mankind, if he so wishes to study himself.
It will deliver, as the Irish Leprecorn so rightly said, Yourself.Windows cleaned,see the sky again.
Work done.The sack is therefore the wages for this work to the Professor of Science at Oxford and Cambridge. End up with the dustmans job.
Of course they will carry on inventing excuses to play with their toys and computers,but their job is finished , they would nedd to be put on the scrap heap.
The litll9 numbered formula for everything in you back pocket, will be the depository of everything known, time immorial.And nature will dictate the return to nature, not machines.


The chances of educating are slim for the majority.
The contents of a goulag or my prior habitation require a toatal re-education, quite literally, not joking,from the 2times table upwards.To get a perspective of what you would be up against here, it may take a year or mor of intensive work for many to get fluent wth the 6/7 times table.In this group would be the entire Stonehenge drug erased trippers,most drug people.Blown minds and lied to people in love, especially those getting super-there on marujana.Ones own mind is required.And put to diligent study and hard work for many years.It is Mount-Everest in bare feet.
IQ levels?
Maturuty and age levels? It is not for the child prodigy and genius kid.
Loss of childhood, of marriage etc, beliefsystems?
Voluntary?I would say so.Win an interest at primary school.
Perhaps it will simply fall into the lap of those it is meant to.
I would definately say no to education.
Make it available, like everything else, and when other avenues are exhausted, a person could choose this for therir answer.
\Any way everything is on line, school does not exist.One would have to choose the teach youself option with books posters and CD,s at home.
Bit of basic education yes, to deliver the skilss to access the further education.

World Religions-Science

Religions are a useage of "Dead Money",same as drug addictions to the failed .Alcoholics etc.
Their essential message is to get there safely withn rules that maintain the Hatha, and keep the contents "inside the bottle",3 score years and ten, instead of their first puff at primary school.Essentially. Maintaining a Time Prison.Essential.
Even with the new science, as a possible good religion, one must remember it is a option only for those who are lost, as all religions are.
As far as religions go, there is no real reason why the 5 major world religions shouldnt revise their script to get to "The Otherside"along the lines of of the cosmos new knowledge and mathematics.
I think the key points are:1.Hatha Safe,No drugs.
2.Commonsense safety Rules.

Man is lost for ever if religion is his option, even the New Science.

Jack of All Trades

One must respond to live and the enviroments around you to process the info as to what to do in respect of your particular circumstances, and definitley differs for each of us.There is no way one can live in the shoes of another, nor be dictated to.The idea dear that I have to be a doctor a lawyer a bank manager and act out functions dont add up with my particular circumstances, are no good. Yes it is true we have to earn food and rent reluctantly.But this may change frequently, it may be mor fitting to work on a market stall for me at this time, or it may be more fitting to be a manual labourer, for many a doctor or lawyer.
It mat simply be apprpriate to maintain hobbies of watch repair and grandfather clock collector.
So these self made technicians have made a genecidal spiritual balls-up of the human race, particularly the law dictatiors who impliment a law illegally.These are not peole in the right place and time.It is like asking a acoholic dustman to be incharge of airport traffic control.The aircraft will simply crash. And this is what happens when scientists try to rule the world,Disaster.or one side oe wall live in the shoes of the otherside and do their sums for them.

Everyone a Killer?

Every ones on a killer circa, and quite honestly It may have been better if they had got their man.(or woman).It is only grid referance errors that are a problem.Grid referance accuracy is actually the solution to the problem.It is the cure.
Me thinks the doctor got it wrong?
Its no use dictating to me in this affair.I have been there and back.
People, kindly do your own killings, do not come running to me. If you want to be youself you must do things for youself.
I cannot offer any advise in this respect.

I realy must make it known to the harassers of my life,and leaches of my identity that "you think you know me but you dont"
Whether or not you are aware of it I was out the game 27 years ago.I have no intention of dealing into this farcecle non-sensicle collective mass insanity whatsoever.Your fascinations and addictions are not mine.12 year old children would put most of you in a wheelchair.
And as for making the lives of detainees living hell,and ripping off the proceeds of the till under false pretences,all of your youselves are on death row.Particularly hippy acid contingencies who claim to smoke the same cigarrettes as me.
The entirety of the identity of drug and subculture is epitemy of very sick minds, distorted belief systems, broken down central nervous systems beyond the slighest chance of repair.Voices of the insane are are their trigerr every detail of their operation in the and every last one of them believes hook line and sinker in their destroyed insane head in their big I Am. They are going have to have it put to them that "They are Not" nor never will be.A bad joke,and never meant to be.
You pissed your life and Time away 30 years ago, and have been living on others and taking their lives away eversince.Children, mothers ,fathers.The Lot. And living off the free state handouts and hamburgers to boot at the same time as poncing your drug money down the social security office.Simply using as a cover that they once listenned to a few records and got high, with their very own "chick" as if the female race had only just been invented.
This insane club honestly thinks its little revolution is going to deliver its cult leaders powers and the glory to conquer the forces of darkness to re-instate the right full King Arther and the good knight Lancelot,back on the thrown and draw the blood of the dastardly king Charles and Hamberger eating Prime Minister into the dark dungeons of hell intill they have established their kingdoms heirarchy, and dished out the Holy grails Treasure ,"Equally and Fairly "to all, so as not to be cruel to the Pigs down the Farmyard.Never mind the fact that they ripped off the till and raped the land 25 years ago, and its anything goes for the last couple of cents.
As well as all the look-a-like high heel Eric Clpaton clones of generations ever since. Dont they know it would be cheaper to spend a tenner down the shop than spend their misplaced life doing what has already been done.Bottling out of real life,on drug identity.
Even their big Icons, the superstars have lived off my identity for 25 years and did not have the coutesy to see me to my face, let alone buy one of my 4 albums I put out over the last few years, (not past few decades), let alone offer to pay any of the bills they ran up for me,or cover the costs of their ripping off my assetts and interests.took without paying.They are bankrupt.They cant afford to pay the debt.
They cost me and Gabrielle, close to 600 million pounds in lost earnings.
And lost the UK sounds system and music score out of greed for money,power and drugs,for themselves, which would have benefitted many less fortunates.as well as other possible scores their were available for people.They had, and still have nothing.
\They havent even got any music that is applicable to life today.They neither have drugs that work they are just ID freaks.They have, nor ever did have a culture, a path or a way. Certainly not any alternative either.
They major percentage are living in the name of a dozen or so icons,musicians, without themselves knowing the differance between a minum and a crotchet,giving themselves the assosiated privilages and status, according to the distorted view off themselves.
The crack/heroin infections that spread mainstream in the 80,s and 90,is virus infection of little improvement to this, as is what continues forward to the kids of today, And saturated non-viable drug enviroment, for those that find suicide to expensive.
And dont take a genius to turn your back on that one.
Whats on offer.Nothing or a lot worse.


See this page.I address on this username about the artificial inteligence machine, its connected parts are explained, which tie in with much of the other written material on other pages.
It is propbably the case that all my pages are interelated in a mixed up way.These live journal pages are usernames,,

As Superman Recovers From a Lethal Dose, To Find Louise Lane Preparing To Put a Full Report On The New York City Police Dept.Table.
Arrest is Imminant Superman has finally, and successfully, arrested The Machine.
It will currently be under house arrest.The Jokers Game is Up.
See article,UFO Killing Fields ,below.



The Truth of The Matter?

It depends who is doing the arithmetic.Off charges again before the Beak.
Done the bird.
It depends who is doing the arithmetic.


NOTHING EQUALS ITSELF.What is the alternative? Minus Infinity.
This the Truth.
Accurate Arithmetic In Motion.
Two Reasons for it have been delivered.
You pays your money ,You,s Take your choice.
De-Particlize in a Factory-Lunatic Asylum,or wipe the dust off your feet and walk away.

NOTE; http:www.Hamishmac.co.uk
will access my album s and recording companies music programn.

To Download Yourself From the Chip

Do the following.
Understand the technologies you are dealing with
logic gates/Silicon chip construction/Binary/machine code to O/S language/program contruction/ command language/file&directory contruction/New physics/(Theories general relativity and quantum theory)/ cosmology/singularities/particle contructions,quarks etc/force particles etc/new findings in quantum behaviour/work out the interalationships involved with Time,Space and matter/,,
and approximately you will be able to see you way out of the machine on your desk,, that presumeably you have "seen "yourself into.
Alright you say ,Time and Space is yourself.
Dont get trapped on the otherside of that machine,by somebody else.That is a prison.
send a letter to yourself.That is all the machine can do.
You and Your machine.who will win.
It is your fountain pen .
Fountain Pen that See Itself.
You must do the same.
Write out the formula for your Machine, after it has so taught you to do.
Technology.Made in the Image of God.
The Precription for the Universe.
Made in the Image.


On This site I teach music, to anyone interested, young or old.Simplified.


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