Hamish Blog (hamish) wrote,
Hamish Blog

The Doors of Understanding

All the politics involved today ,and more, are captured in Richard Dadds masterpiece "The Fairy Fellers Masterstroke".It varies in its evaluation between a mediocre work and a total Masterpiece.It is though significant to be a national treasure and kept at the national gallery. Prints of it available for about #9pounds,from them.It is very telling that Richard dadd was incarcerated 30 years longer than neccessary and died.Was never released.He was sent to Top Security after his painting was finished, not before, also it took a hundred years to surface, found on the superintedants own property list.It encaptures the same politics as below,180 years ago the story is the same.
In our modern day, this machine system delivers the self same Fairy Feller politics to us ,it is the same antichrist machine,
The politics of the antichrist, the devil nad Satan are the same. Also the same as Dadd depicts.Such an encounter will kill. The infrmation of who they are, once processed is a death,an enlightenmen, so to speak, but with a more difficult understanding.It kills.
God on the other hand,Kills also, but in a kinder way, yet again there is a differant understanding, also an enlightenment.
So the exagerations of evil, the devil satan and antichrist are out of proportion as a rule and always will.They are definately to be feared and will definately kill,nothing less. But also nothing more.These are the politics of are modern machine,and we, in this today society, are dead by antichrist politics.
Therefore all of us have a definate link with the history of the past , of how this came into being, and as such a definate connection withe goulags and prisons and institutions,encapsulated in the Richard Dadd masterpiece.
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