Hamish Blog (hamish) wrote,
Hamish Blog


The systems machine was built on containment of the lands nature in the goulags, and makes possible the antichrist machine. The psychiatric stateexperiment to compulsory force everyone into its new age enlightenment is the same thing is depicted by richard dadd in his "Fairy Fellers Masterstroke "painting.However it is not Holy Grail god it is Holy Grail antichrist.
This 30 year experiment has failedtodeliver. It is 100% Failure.
The Holy Grail ,God version differs. It does deliver.To see yourself.Its programn design is the fulfillment of god for all under compulsion, but it does not liberate from the Masterstroke plan, which still predominates.It does not deliver god and is still the antichrist Fairy Feller programnOnce again a 100% Failure.
New Age? Globalization? New Order?
100% Failure.
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