Hamish Blog (hamish) wrote,
Hamish Blog


As far as keeping the formula of who you are in your pocket in case you should forget is wrong.It should be discarded.Otherwise the object becomes greater than the purpose. This defeats the object and the purpose is not realized.As far as spreading the gospel of the holy grail goes, it is bible bashing.This alien designed perpetual motion machine is a fundementally floored arguement on four counts. Two being mentioned, also it does not deliver totality and it doesnt work. It returns to the antichrist machine.It cn be likenned to the drug dealer. It is rubbish.
True, it does see itself, but it should be then discarded.
As did King Henry the Eigth to religion ,it should be reduced to half hour on sunday this 24/7 world.
Spiritulism is spiritual death.
God is the devil.
There is no prize. There is no fulfilment .there is no God.
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