Hamish Blog (hamish) wrote,
Hamish Blog


These things are not meant to be.Having watched them mushroom from the sony walkman.Computers are for computing, mearly a pen and ink. They are for a mathematician, of no value to us.Side tracking its purpose with useless pastimes, by-roads to mislead off the path.Science is alowing high principals to be prostituted, fundemental forces of nature for blasphemy.Comunicating by letter is natural but input into cyberspaces resultin overload, thisinfocannot be processed, so ceases to be of value, even though technically it is not.It is outside Time and Space and thus has kidnappedus, removed us from our world,i.e murdered us,exterminated.Does it deliver heaven or hell, an afterlife? Are our deceased relatives there..
Acedemically speaking it is not wrong to understand technology and science, but that is all.
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