Hamish Blog (hamish) wrote,
Hamish Blog

UPDATE M,arch 15th 2008///APPEAL

Yes 7 months ago at a very high powered court hearing I was exonerated as to my 1979 manslaughter conviction and also diagnosis of schizophrenia whilst in detention.After 29 years of hell I have come up trumps. However I am not certain of any compensation, due to the extremely political nature of the situation. They are so freaked, basically,in the system, that I am suprised one of their manifoldly plentiful contract extermination agencies, has not got me toatlly eliminated yet.Yes they bend so much that they basically asked you to pleadnuts and guilty bfopre they will hand over the compensation. They are bent. But have been caught this time.I will not, therefore cooperate with the compensation proceedures.

I have been under intensive pressure to remove my statements for years, with all sorts of threats and assults from the machinary.It is still the case now. Extreme intensive pressures and cover up machinary is wiping all assunder as it rollsdown this exercise.

Further details can be viewed at www.livejournal/indexoffence.Esential viewing.
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