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Its six months or more since I wrote here. I am back again. I have just written an article on alien abduction, on my ufohamish page/livejournal.com.You may be interested.
I ahve basically been preoccupied with playing politics with the menatl healtgh unit and have just terminated a 9 month fling with Magda, my girlfriend. It didnt work out in the end.
I hope to spend some time writing on my various journal pages of interest.They can be viewed as to their index on hamishinfo/livejournal.com.
i hope that if any readers pass my way they will drop the odd coment or add me to their "Friends" page.

I have nearly completed the page on my index offence appeal.This is on ,,,indexoffence/www.livejournal.com
It is a statement of the events that lead to my 20 year cdetention and conviction for manslaughter, due to diminished responsability. This is well challenged by me and the resulting statement is secure enough to collapse the 27 year case against me, It doesw meqan I cam enjoy the rest of my freedom in peace , with some protection against harrassment on wornout grounds.It has not yet gone to the court of appeal, but neither party would like to see this, however it is my intention to do so if the harrassment of me does not cease.Currently this seems to be enough to abate the abuses ofmy case history.The system is so bent, that nowadays it does not profit much to dabble with it, for defence or prosecution, so I would rather an out of court settlement.

My observances are that the cityt of London is a crack and cocaine morturay, and am suffering from thios morbid atmosphere, probably much the same as yourselves.
Please do make a comment if you pass this way.
Musically speaking I am not doing anything, although I am getting stirred up inside to do another album. Finacial rewards are required for me tro work again, after the last rip off I sufferred.
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