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It is certainly true that after the fall of Russia the criminals had to buy the some of the banks to put it in, so much money was being laundered.It is said that they managed to fleece most of Americas money into their coffers since then. But what I found out is that this was a massive blunder. The delicate money system is artificial and relied on America keeping this electronic money fiddle alive. Without such, their own monetary system was worthless. So they required to put the money back again into the banks of America,which couldnt be done. This was gioing on for some years .Money launderring, we know, is now the main monetary system. It is massive.Desperately they tried to return the money but were unable to do so.
What I caught wind of though, revc ently is quite shocking. The British government and Businesses decided to launder this American money (and Jewish), through our treasury,and set up the complicated operation, convinced that they had solved the problem. But a critical error was made in understanding the very complex electronic, artificial inteligence security of the banking system and at the last minute the plan failed. So we have masses of worthless money all over the united kingdom and in the british business accounts that has had to go underground.This is a very recent development and this story is hot off the press.Th3e chancellor of the exchequor is in full knowledge of this and there isa br4eakdown in the system. If this money is utilized, we can expect the government to be cast aside and complete anarchy, but as likely as not, the same problem rmains, as encounterred in Russia.The truth of the matter is that in reality, their is no money. It is created on paper to keep the system going and to trade items of real wealth from the impoverished food nations.
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