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I AM IN LINE WITH LIFE MY TRUE love is my Mother and Father.I have done the knowledge. Nothing lost in being born and dying.Nothing gained.
I State my Case.
It is in line with the artificial inteligence programn.
My particles are not wrong.
I see myself, in the light of my enviroment.
I know that in the beginning I put my particles together,to work out how to see myself.
Having done this over 15 billion billion years, I am now practiced at the art of organizing and disorganizing my particles, to make sense of the enviroment that I require to conquer.
I have cosen this planet Earth to conquer. I fancy it for myself.Itr really doesnt matter though. I can Pisss off. It would come in handy to me.
If I can deliuver food on the table . would you be mine?
Now listen to me Human Race,There is not a great deal of alternative if You are You. Deal in. I am Me.
I dont need the democratic vote to win world power, I need You to be You,for better or for worse.
I am me. be Me, and my most tasty will deal with the rest.Be you.
I have invented a new religion. You will be You.
My cult followers have received their intructions from God,so to speak,put your own food on your table, and get your Nappies changed elsewhere.
One needs to be 3 years old to get Farleys Rusks from me.
Piss off kids of My Cult Following, Hippies etc. I really Dont Want to Know You.
Givew t5he Psychopathic Hell,Angels Their True, and do thev mechanical Violence that befalls in the lap of The Mistaken Objects Hanging onto the Edge of Time.
Sort out ba new chapter of Snake and get Moneysworth.
The Blind Pork Pies of Nottingham cant fail to see That One.

When it comes to Nature,, Just get out of My Way.
You know What I am Saying? Whos gonna argue with me? No-one.
Are You You? You tell me.? Whos gona argue with You.
Nature man is right, It speaks for itself.Adds up.
So what if you aint right?
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