Hamish Blog (hamish) wrote,
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Arrest.Anti-Terrorist Squad !

On July 13th,9.30 in the morning a police squad knocked loudly on my door and arrested me whilst i eas at the office desk, without having time to dress properly,,I was whisked away on a 135 warrant, for assesment, Without having time to have a drink or a cigarette, a meeting was convened with a pre-arranged "independant" psychiatrist, for an assesment, whereupon I was duly sectioned to a 3, as pre-arranged. Breaking all proceedures, here I was soon force-needle medicated, and shortly afterwards an application and attempt was made to transmute the section to a forensic 25(a).No reason given and without a bona fide case whatsoever, they carried on. Virtually no contact facilities, or access facilities were supplied. This, however was no ordinary police raid, it was a professionhal Anti-Terrorist Sqaud.They did not secure my flat, they insisted that they should take "good care" and look after my flat whilst I was away, Several sources pesterred me for the keys to my falt, and I did begin to suspect all was not well. I was duly burgled 4 times a week or so later, and the services allthoug knew of these break-ins, took no action to do anything about it, or secure my premises.Still no case has been established 6 weeks later and I am awaiting an appeal on the 15th sept.
Similar arrests to these have been made in Feb.2003 and Feb 2005, with falsified statements in inaccessable regions of confidential reports. however my barristers exposed these and both times Richmond Royals endeavours were thrown out by the appeal judge.This is not to mentioned the continuing stream of section 2 attempts and invasions into my home with 135 warrants this year, with heavy police backing,,(for missing a pill?.....!!!).toatally unsuccessful and without foundation.You would thgink this would put btheir tale between their legs, to back off.Beside probably being monirtored 24/7, they could hardly invent a case on this criteria alone!
No reason has ever been deliverred for this high profilke, and any case theyb dreamt up has well and truly been knocked out long ago. I have been a free man without blemisg for 10n years, no less than anyone else.
Irrational proccessing from the Central Scrutinizing Agency,no doubt.
Apparrantly they wish me to withdraw my statement and withdraw my muical deliveries from the market, so as not to shake their illgotten defunct case.
So I am back in the Government Icing Utensil Factory for a few weeks.
With no case against me again.(As well as others).
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