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Selling Secrets To The Russians?+more....

I have been asked to say a little about my secret service career.
I began serious trainig for MI5 in 1964 ,at 11 years of age and by 1995 had reached the top of the inteligence heirarchy.I was "hit"in 1975 and immediately started a strict rbriefing and reprograming for the Russian secret service whom paid enourmous ammounts of money for USA and UK, services,
They did indeed win the war at this point in time.
I was trnsferred to CIA pentagon trained in nuclear defence strtegies and artificial defence programns as well as technolgies.Once again I reached the highest level in the Pentagon CIA work.Ar what I was doing I was so successful they could afford to loose me. Whom I was working for, I never found out from this point, but in 2002/3had such a serious conflict in command structures and assignment orders that I decided to resign over these conflicting instructions.I eventually decided to admit I was a serving colonel in the UK, armed forces, one of my ranks, and own up to 2 pieces of work that I did, for the UK inteligence dept, One was to shoot down a military helicopter over the mountains in Ireland, the other was to destroy the pentagon with aircraft,on that fateful sept.11th day. I did not actually know about the Worlds Trade centre,target, and other targets involved.
Of course my sacking/ resignation was assured, it being impossible to work any longer, with the secrecy removed.Elimination extermination of course is the way the armed forces court martial,which to date, after many attempts have failed to do,though no want of trying.I have been "hit",though.

One of the project I was indespensibly used for was the nuclear defence systems, where I spent longest working.I used to operate a system of nuclear attack and defence trigger mechnisms, which were sprung non stop by the UFO extrterrestial fleets, that are have been tring to penatrate our systems, for to release the nuclear arsenals.Our muilitary sytems were successfully able to develop technology to counter the Ufo,s, and i was in charge of some equipment and deliver targets to shoot down. Most were then swiftly recovered by Army helicopters and used for our own purposes, inclusive of the very precious metals used in their propulsion systems, This program was so sucessful tha full time work world wide is in operation to capture the lands UFO activity for these precious metals, this is why the worlds military are raping the less powerful nations and lands, in europe, and every where else. They are unstoppable due to the power of their technology.
Of course today we operate a freedom of information policy,.Russia too sold many of its secrets after Gorbochov fell, so basically they have a freedom of information policy.I suppose this is due to the power of personel compuing. However they do not like it, one little bit.
So my carreer has definitively ended by my admisions on the internet, over the last few years,(since about 2003) and am no longer any use to any secret service agency, and will always be targetted for assination by the worlds intelence services, until they get a bullet through.I no,longer heve access to classified information since my recent "resignation".
The agents that I have worked with since 1964,(many thousands),have been killed.

How I was able to acheive this survival etc of resignation, was by exploding the myth that my 22 missing years were spent on a committal order,in detention.Legal representation for this case was not available for about 20 years.The legal profession being goverment controlled.I did this by trickery,settinge up a trap to get legal access.A time arrived where I was able to sting in the court room.I used not a high power barrister, but a trainee solicitor from a lawfirm. On a everyday hearing in 1995,I put it to my barrister a direct intruction,To win the case.He could go no further. He stood up and declared that his hands were tied by his client and could no longer defend me.This is what I had planned.The evidence was clearly on the table waiting for everyones compliance,(in front of witnesses).So I had to take over my legal representation, and finish of the job in the courtroom myself,as planned, to get courtroom access.Basically,I said to the Presiding High Court Judge, "Well,,Yes or No?,,throw me in prison and the key with it, or Not Guilty?"
She choked for a while, sussed out the situation as fast as light, and conceded.
There was nothing whatsoever they could do.

The biggest case in UK legal history had been cracked by me and a soliciors trainnee clerk, in a courtromm in 1995.She shall remain nameless as will the Law firm, unless they give their consent to publication.
It was all done on paper.

Since this time they have had no alternative available to them other than to have me killed, by contract killers and psycho killers. Although many attempts have been made , none as yet has been successful,although I do suffer some considerable damage at times

My defence strategies have been trained to the highest military levels, inclusive of technology.This is the reason I am still alive.

I have indeed politically assasinated the USA and UK, and this has been the reason behind my case all along,the very reason behind the 30 year campaign,that centres on my case, for the political assination was acheived a long time ago. In 1996, approximately the time Ian Ball was arrested for the kidnap attempt on princess Anne.
And it was I that did it, from my position at the Top of the United Kingdom,s Inteligence service, in a political war with the UK government.

Of course it took no longer tha a microsecond for the KBG to take total control, and I was whipped away and retrained by the KBG.Margerets Thatcher, took no.10 shortly afterwards.
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