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The government needs guns and force to govern.But they have none.And this has been the case for at least 20/25 years.So waht do they do?They use paper guns.They fabric ate other ways of killingm but in fact they do not have this abillity.So, they invent excusesto bring out armoury and attacks, but theproblem is they are without accuracy and grid-refferance and there fore serve no purpose other than a stage performance.They therefore heve ru n out of the cababillity to govern and having been franticaly clutching at straws for 20 years with media advertized excuses such as mad killers,gangsters and mad axemenetc, schizoprenic knifemen Kray Firms, Noy gangsters, and most poular nowadays the "terrorist" bullshit.They always keep high profile badies up front to ensure they obtain public licence to use the law gangsters.Of course we see quite clearly why they open Iraqs grave and put such a representative as Sadam Hussein.Russia do the same thing.What they acheive here is the ussage of Sadams guns and military population for their own purposes being short of "guns" themselves.
And this is what they do to the home population,and this is the extensive use of the prison and psychiatric systems, if not the sole purpose of it.This still does not achieve its purpose.They have done this to myself for a longt time but I see through it.
If for instance the "enemy" were to see through this paper tiger, what course of action could the government take? None whatsoever.
So they have to silence free speach art and music etc, and make sure the opium of the people is delivered in massive quantities, so as that they may stay blind deaf and dumb.

They are simply spending the nations savings and earnings until their is nothing left, and it seems imposing this unfair trading proposition to the rest of tghe world."hand over the money or we will shoot you with your own guns!"
same on the home front. We are bankrupt because we have a system of government that is irrational and blind deaf and dumb itself. Governing on a poloicy that does not add up.
It would be a better governemnt that operated on a policy that was accurate and correct.However it dictate , basically that it must kill whenever the modd takes it, and can deliver no reason to do so, that any other Tom dick and Harry.
Their arguement and logic has arrived at the summit of their logic, and that is they do in fact require to kill everybody, Which somewhat defeats the object.They cannot possibly govern, and there is simply no-one that c an, because it is not possible to impliment a Law.A Laws mustt have a reason and it must be accurately grid-referranced. This is not possoble, certainly in the UK and USA.
By law (and law is built on nature truth), most peole would have to be killed in these decadant western corrupt and virused infected populations.
We are dead.
Because we have not implimented an accurately refferranced Law.
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