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Educational Qualifications.Hamish

I am somewhat over educated.Many peolple find them in this position, in the last 25 years there has been a problem with this.
Schoolwise I went to the best available untill 18 years of age.!3 "o","o*",and then, Physics and biology "A" levels. I picked up 3 more "A",s basically skipped the paperwork and that is where my formal education ended in 1972.A good solid science education for the day,by entirely top of the range Oxbridge teaching staff.

Of course I later in life found 20 years going spare and picked up postgraduate degree level education in Law, Experimental psychology,And a very significant areas of forensic psychiatry also. As a side line I furthered mathematics and physics into post degree levels.Also even at the time recently of the Genome map, I specialize in complex areas re-this work.
In the computer sciences,I am most asvanced,in some areas of this, to unequaled degree.A foremost and leading expert,,but at a deeper level than one normally interacts in the general field of comercial computing.
I also have ben working with other technologies which are to be unmentioned.
Well and truly educated, to a remarkably high standard.Technology and computersciences as well of course, that goes without saying.

Also my CV is good on the field.
International seven-a-side schoolboy rugby paleyer for 2 year at under 19,(scrum half0 and count 15,s.Alsocounty cross country and top few 800 and 400metres on the track.Crystal Pallace (1971),tried to sign me.(big in those days).
So in nearly all areas the sort of infomation in public referrances tome are liaboulous and slanderous, misleading.
Hamish Robert MacPherson
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