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Starwars Military Software Secrets, revealed!

The power established for government has always been by law enforcement/deterrant, to maintain the goverments position. Goulag politics, so when the social and psychiatric experimentation was done and social engineering, naturally its root was the centre of the psychiatric units, which are high power goulags,. Always have been,but hidden from public awerness. Nowadays goulag activity would naturally been even more concealed to what would be obvious.
The advancement and development of law thus proceeds to defence systems, i.e military work, which nowadays is basically technology, military matters, because the advancements in science have made warfare a science technology matter. Therefore the wholw social engineering project is governed at root by these law and military politics, as a bi-product of using the self same politics to found their work.
So society finds itself involved everystep of the way by its clockwork orange, the country,s power and mind software program. So we all have to be units of this machine, which is a fast advancing technolgy war engine.This is because at the level of the machine, (govt), military work is chief. We have now moved into quatum new physics and very high new science that goes beyond the already advanced computers and technology in the shops, and the software progam and paper work of technology no longer needs the hardware, just minds. This is because of the state of the art of military projects are moving fast into ToE, fundemantal forces, such as the graviton , to utilize in its military star wars weaponary,.
#Mind is also a key area of new sciences, and is no less used in military matters, than any other science. They know that they have to conquor mind so as to use the new sciences effectively with its human personel..i.e. gravity accellerators and Time/Space travel would only be possible under correct mind criteria.So would much of the weaponary. The science of the natural universe resuted in life ,and all science connects in the singular formula, including the biological( genetics) sciences.However, this is where the huge mistake lies, they have the technology so to speak, but they have lost the money. They cannot recover the minds , and put them into a condition of health.
They, whilst doing the experimentation , with subjects under lock and key, have lost the key to open the door on the tenplate which we were all built. Now that the paper has long been much more powerfull than the hardware, we cannot make a key even to open the door. The procees hs gone so far wuth disregard to our mental welfare, in the rat race of advancement, the minds of their populations are too damaged to recover, as are the creators, so there is not even a possibillity of doing the paper work for a solution, itself. The paper work would dictate distruction. As the military interest for which the whole thing was built, is not designed for this,it has entirely defeated the object.
The military has therefore created a defence system, built on an error that can not be corrected.It can only destroy itself.It is programed to do so, and it is also programned to destroy all other nations.
In other words it has clearly failed.(The Star Wars Defensive System).
One cannot knock out its electrical and computer systems either.It is a paper work exercise,not hardware, and they are encrypted to well to do anything about them.
One may say there is an error, surely it can be looked at inteligently and corrected. But it cannot be done.
The only possible correct paper work adjustment that can be effected is self destruction of the hardware end product, of the machines intended evolution,,the human being,ourselves. all of us.
By war, is the logic, but as veternary pricipal is the software program on the systems.

It is simply absurd that the western populations should be stuck as clockwork pawns a military clockwork program, that does not concern them and only has a gridreferrance its own destruction.
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