Hamish Blog (hamish) wrote,
Hamish Blog

Italy Visit.and Update.Two Robberies,,assaults to Report.

On wednesday early morning i left for naples, and arrived next day quite late at night.However 90minutes before departure I was unfortunately broken into at home and robbed at knifepoint by quite a viscious gang, skinned and emptied of most of my equipment and contents of safe, but fortunate not to be stabbed to death, such was thge nature of this.I did not have time to address the matter, but coincidently, my badluck did not stop here, becauser outside the station quite late that thursday night, I was further attacked, and robbed of my luggage, which basically was all I owned, after the prior incedent, A very expensive Tablet computer and money and all my valuables.The police in naples of course refused to address the matter. When I went into the police station rthey simply said they were not police, even though they had uniforms on and badges.They sent me chasing all over town for a non existant dept.Gangs roam the streets out there, so it was a bit uncool for me!
The London incedent I have not had time to deal with either.
I just hope I can get enough work to replace my losses.
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