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1979 weighed me off at the Old Bailley.A killing for no apparrent reason, the husband of miss X,after having a delusional relationship.I pleaded not guilty, my defence solicitor offerred no defence.Signed sealed delivered.Nuts.Guilty.I was put away, never to get legal access or asked another question for nearly 20 years. In fact up to today ,the latter point,still applies.
My legal guardian in whose hands I was trusted, was straight after the case on a plane to Tenarife with my defence solicitor.They had struck up an affair during the proceedings.2 witnesses were called ,Miss X,who endorsed this view, and a Mr.Z who had been propped up at the witness box , after the police had recoverec his whereabouts, washed clothed and fixed up with appropriate anmmounts of heroin, to make this task possible, Again he endorsed this view.
I claim that the judge in charge of this case was given a femalle concprt as a gift during these proceedings, to bend his view.
I also claim that Miss X offerred me on two occassions increasing ammounts of money to kill the person in question, and indeed, married expressly for the reason of procuring an insurance policy.She told me so. I also told her I would not do so so.(kill).
Miss X of course was my lover at this time, had just hit the rocks.
She expressly denied this.
Reason why?She would have been tumbled for frauding the Insurance company and conspiring to murder.

During my long stay, I was conditioned by needle treatments to agree to the standard view on pain of sensory deprivations and agonizing drug/needle theoropys.
This is true.
No cast iron evidence of the said Chronic paranoid schizophrenia came to be proven during this long intensive experiment/study. No corobative experimental evidence of dangerousness,never an incedent under most extreme experimental provocations,to add weight to their arguement.In fact they never have been able to add any further weight to this illfounded original arguement.
It was said in 1995,(16 years later!) by Professor Halstead of The Institute, That there was no cast iron evidence here.Having said that, many said otherwise.I suppose with the dodgy fact load on their table it made semse to them.
There has never been a safe case against me.
Did I kill?
Maybe,maybe not,
Do I claim not To be sufferring from mental illness?
It is not the point as far as I am concerned.
The is no case to answer.

There is a case for money compensation.
A note on deposition material and evidence from the index area clearly fasified some of the key evidence,for reasons not apparrant.They delivered blood test reports stating that no traces of drugs were detected in blood tests.There were quite plentiful ammounts of substances in all that they tested,including myself.

The simple twistb of fate here is as soon as I was banged away Miss X was on a plane to the continent with the other "Eye"witness, with a fat insurance check, and by 1979 monetary standards it was quite a conbsiderable ammount of money.My dear old Heroin addicted sister, I remember her telling that she was well pleased with the outcome, getting rid of both, and a new lover to booton the Contentental Riviera,,?@I cant help it if Im,lucky,,inherited a , million bucks and took of to ,,? as Big Jim lay there with a pen knife in the back!
Rosemary, Lille and the Jasck of Hearts have never looked back I suppose,,,as Pat Garrett rounds up the rest of them...

As for me,first thing I did when I got out is buy a second hand guitar, worked out how to play the thing, and put together 4 albums,,which can be accessed on my website, www.Hamishmac.co.uk.

Of course ,under considerable opposition ad stress, artse full of Elvis Pig Farmers pig fatenningsedatives ,been arrested on warrants about three times and unsuccessful warrants a good few times more, most operational musicians in my vicinity have been arrested, shot or interned, basically house arrest for the last 10 years,with more or less anything thsat knows my name getting gunned down,,They dont want you to say too much,, they dont want people to know what goes on,,,

A complete freakout when my music was deliverred.The System more or less pushed every button it had shut it up,,until it blew itself up, in my view.
I really dont know what is wrong with a few albums,,would have thought that would have met approval.
Never mind.
C,est la Vie.
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