Abductions My Journey

Abductions or a journeys to another star system are in a sense non returnable.This is because these beings use natural methods and science to effect the process or travel to the planet in or location in question.It is known that they are not able to put back properly.These experiences are by mind and the information involved needs to be processed.It is somewhat easier to get there than it is to get back again.The doors,so to speak,ready and waiting to get there but not to get back.What will happen in my experience is that the doors to return are devoloped by the subject after they have returned,they have to process the information and learn to open the neccessary doors to get back again.Therefore their mind remains on the other planet until they win it back again.
We are talking of any experience outside the comprehension of most people when we talk about abductions to anther civilization.Firstly it is traumatic.You would have to understand that it is a physical death and also the end of a world and the introduction to another world.This is no small experience to live with.It also the processing of the technology beyond ones capability to understand has to be dealt with.Doors back to the world you left behind do not happen.
If at all,this has to accomplished by yourself over time.It is fatal.
Questions such as how far did you travel and for how long do not always have a straight answer,if you consider that you have taken a shortcut accross Infinity and moved outside the laws of Time.Beyond space and time or the entirety of it, but also there is real time/space answers to these question,if you want "real world" answers.To bi-locate for 20 years wouldnt be understood either,as well as the timeline.
It is very much a question of doors.Also a question of nature.
How far I travelled I cannot say, but I did wonder very much.It was something that I was unable find out.It seemed to me very much further than nearby stars.It could have been outside our galaxy,thousands upon thousands of stars away.
It is a valid to compare to the secret space program travels,especially the 20 and back stories.There are similarities.Differant technology, Alien technology,not ours.An alien learning experience.Information of the experience has to be processed,not only the science of the technology but the science of the self and space/time.It is not something that is going to take less than 20 years.But it has to be done yourself.It cant be done for you.Maybe therein is a differance.
There are many abductees that do not know it.They have been made to think it was a dream,a vision from god,something else,or erased completely.
The main thing I was left with, was the technology I was introduced to.Beside a replicator device for each citizen,it included travel  and all needs.The whole planet was wired up to mind blowing technology,beyond capabillty of comprehending,but this was not for the "citizens",who seemed happy.They lived sparcely.They erased my knowledge of the planetary technology,after processing me through it,it being too much to retain.
When I underwent that initial processing on entry,it seemed to take a thousand years and differant space dimensions.
I havent talked about it to anyone.But I do recognize other contactees.
It seems to me that the secret space program "contactees" dont use their own "doors",,or perhaps very differant doors.
There was another occasion where I visited a comet or asteroid passing through our solar system,the inside of which was amazing technology and ET,s.It was very large and had its own world inside.
If I were to estimate the ammount of people with similar experiences to mine,encounters of this 5th kind,it could be in the few millions,world wide.It is very much more common than  people think and it probably always has been.It is often erased.Very few people have the abillity to articulate,put into words, what has happened to them.They remain silent about it.
There are people who think these experiences are normal and natural that they dont consider it worth mentioning.

Time Thought Experiment

I will take this chance to try to teach a little about Time.
Treat this is a study in a science laboratory, as you do with other experiments.Albeit a bit of a thought experiment.
Take a "particle" of Time and put it on the table.
If it can be discovered what this smallest particle econsists of then all particle of time would be understood, as it ois with matter, wherby the atom is studied.
You may think Time is not like this.But it is.So is Space.
The nature of Time ,if understood,(and it is) would give you mastery over Time.
Space Like wise.
To get this thought experiment off the ground add a  few more known observations, and you will discover that Time is not what we have been lead to bvelieve.
If one particle of time is the same all particles of Time, then one second would  be the same as ten million years.( and it is).
This you will say is absurd.But it is not.You can alter the Dimensions of time to any value, a million years can be experienced in one second and visa versa.If you have that particle of time information.
The Formula for Time .Which they do have.
Space is similar..
Understanding space and time in 3 Dimensions is very limiting.It is much more than  3 Dimensions, Many dimensions.
The fundemental physical laws and properties change depending on which dimensions you consider.

UFO and Travel

<span style="font-size: 1.4em"><span style="color: #49e61e;">There are various ways to travel to other planetary bodies and civilizations.We assume that they are other planets travelling around other stars  with advanced technologies and societies.This is partly true, but these advanced races can live anywhere.They will inhabit and colonize the interia of moons suns and planets,very much so.Also asteroids.They can also live on planet size craft and ships.Their technological abillity has no bounds.
Journeys or abductions to these systems are sometimes of a spirtual nature such as to give then appearnace of visiting heaven,utopia or paradise.These visits may give a great experience which can be remembered and recounted on their return,(if they return).But the information content is not exact or reliable.Other types of journeys or abductions are physical as well.These can hold exact,reliable information of the contact and visition that can be related on a return,(if they return),not so much stories of utopia or heaven ,but more so of the species details,technology,( gadgets),information details and teh enviroment encountered.Also the communications with the ET,s concerned.Having said this,such a visitation by ET abduction can deliver contact with a technology-experience that is far beyond our capabillty to undesrtand,blinding by the light.In this case only selected memories remain, and most times the information therin is erased.Basically official secret material.Or put another way, not within your own interests to remember.But, after many years,some information memory returns.
The problem with memory of the abduction/kidnapp experience is that in recalling that memory, it induces a re-living of the experience  in such a realistic manor that it flips you back onto that star/planet location,It is close to a death experience.A flash back type event.This is real.You are no longer living on one planet,you are living on two, at the same time.The tendancy is to put the memory in the back of your mind.In my experience ET does blind you,is the decider of what you do or do not see or information that can be returned with.Once again you may have to say you encountered God,or Utopia,but even so there still remains some definate information.
To comment on recent revelations on the internet about the secret space program information.It seems that  we do have this alien technology ourselves and can travel almost anywhere in space and in time under our own steam.
The technology used by ET  in its physical abductions and kidnapps to other stars is information that I did not return with.I was not shown the technolgy concerned,but can deduce some of it.It is consistant with current scientific theory,quantum mechanics etc.A higher dimensional technology.A physical machinary.The method of one of my travels definately used a gravity force to " tug" very quickly and powerfully,a machinary accross the galaxy.Its trajectory consisted of all the massive bodies,(suns),on route.It passed through the centre of all of them,gaining its initial acceleration from our earth-layline-gravity,through the mountains,the moon and our sun at a terrific speed.It then continued through an uncountable ammount of suns until arrival at the star/planet concerned.I triedto figure out how far it travelled.In my view it could have even travelled to distant galaxies,or half way accross the entire universe.Maybe within this galaxy.The "feeling"I got was that it was several galaxies distant.
They talk about portals and this is so.But this "portal" was powered by a mastery of gravity,antigravity,in a purely natural way.It had somehow "wired" itself up to this natural mechanism.Additionally very high dimensional machinary was attached to this system.The planet itself that I arrived on was so incredibly advanced futuristic and a technology so powerful that it was beyond the minds capabillty of comprehending.On entry this introduction was powered by Time as well as space, and Mind also.Time was used to condense the process of contact,to upgrade you so to speak,so that many of thousands of years could be experinceed in a "few minutes".This resulted in a "Briefing" by the inteligence,s concerned  to transfer the knowledge that they wished to transfer to me.I am not saying "Information"although some could be deduced.There was too much of it. A fast learning or information transfer.
Then I was shown around the "working class " everyday world of its inhabitants.Also the gadgets that they were all "issued" with.Otherwise they lived a simple life.
It was as if to say,would you and others of your world like to come and live in this happy enviroment ?.
T have noticed that in many ways that our world is on course for this type of civilization.It seems that this visit of mine approximated to a possible blueprint for what was later to come.The Alien Plan?
I was returned.
But the issue here is that they probably took a physical copy of me and kept it on that star system.I realize when I returned that these beings control this planet as well.They have taught me much since my return.
They showed me the way should I ever wish to go back again.

ForThe Record. My CV

it is time to set some off the record straight as my educational qualifications and other achievements.
Firstly I played both football and cricket for Putney Primary schools under 11,s and passed my eleven-plus.
In 1964 won a scholarship to Christs Hospital  school and also to Woolverstone Hall Boarding grammar school outside Ipswich ,Suffolk.I also had a place at St.Pauls also.I thought it a much beter idea to go to school in the countryside.
I chose Woolverstone.I didnt expect to pass those difficult exams ,but I did.
It was a Inteligence training school, with intake from military families and the cream of high flying london school boys..
For seven years reperesnted the school rugby team, winning the eastern counties  championship  7 years running.
In 1969 gained 12 O levels and in 1971 gained 2 A levels (Biology, Physics) from the Cambridge examination board .The following year I  took a course in 3 more A levels, (Pure,Applied Maths, Chemistry.) london examination board at Walbrook College,London.I studied for a short time at Loughborough University,Human Biology and Cybernetics, followed by off the record studies in the areas of psychology.since then,acedemically I have updated my science to the 2018 standard theoretical physics/LHC state of the ar models, and some other sciences and technology updates.Also digitally literate and have had access to discosures of information on the internet.
I have two self built/designed websites: https://hamishmac.co.uk    https://InformationHighway.net  and administrate a couple of social networking sites: https://sovereignwarriors.ning.com  https://www.Disqus.com
In  1970 and 1971, I played seven aside rugby , winning the Eastern England, under 19,s schoolboy rugby champonships, Ipswich Sevens, and going forward to the Home Internationals 7-aside, Oxford-Sevens, where we did not win.Like wise the folowing year in 1971.I was aged 17 and 18..
I was runner up at the 5 mile cross country in 1971, school championship, and excelled at 400metres and 800 metres track events,where I was offered a contract for a professional career with crystlal Palace atheletic club.National standard at these 2 events.
It is worth a mention that I scored an A star rating in all atheletic events including high jump, long jump,shot and javelin,100m, 200m, 400m, 800m,1500m at my final year at school.
In 1971 I also played in a match for ipswich town rugby union club against the Harlequins, Bob Hiller, England  captain,was playing for the harlequins at this time.First division rugby.
A competent helmsman as well, learning the trade in Enterprise and Cadet dinghy,s on the River Orwell,where I sailed close to the Felixstowe/ Harwich estuary for 4 years.
So I have touched on international standard rugby, close to it on the ahtletic track, and attained a high acedmic standard of education, all by the age of 18.A good start, showing talent.
I was heading for the top as a cutting edge theoretical physicist, and I would have got there.
I dropped out because I concienciously objected to using scientific reseach for military weapons.
I smoked cannabis from 1972 to 1979.I stopped using drugs at this time until now.I got common law married to a partner from Glasgow in 1971/2.I lived in wandsworth, where things went bad in 1977 with Ann whom I started a relationship with, after my partner from Scotland left me.
In 1979  the game was over.I landed in BH detention for 16 years, and the detail of this I have made public.

in 1972 I was charged with possesion of LSD tablets and fined 312
In 1977 I was charged with take and drive away .Fined
In 1977 I was charged with the theft of 12 boxes of Famous Names Chocolate Liqueurs from a Gloucester supermarket.
I was given 2 years probation.
In 1979 I was charged with manslauger and found guilty due to diminished resposibillty.Detained indefinately at Broadmor Hospital under section 37/41.
In 1996 was released From B/H.
In 2001 was absolutely discharged form section 37.

in 2006 sept I was sectioned 3 without reason, discharged in 2007 july,winning my  tribunal appeal
in 2008 oct  I was sectioned 3 forced medicated,unlawfully.
between 2002 -2005 I was sectioned 3 times  without cause so as to maintain drug treatment and control.

I was born in 1953, bruised black and blue from from bruises in a difficult nine hour birth, I also had pneumonia and whooping cough and was stuck in an incubator for three months.St.Beatrices Hospital, Earls Court.I do remember this,I had blindsight or a third eye, but my sister says I cant,I am imagining it after the event.
In 1953 cars were not yet on the roads.I was born in this year.
It wasnt untill 1964 and 1971 TV,s and radio,s  were  creeping in .We were allowed to watch one program a week on a black and white TV set, plus cup finals and special events .
1964-1971 my pocket money allowance was two shillings and six pence per week, with which I could afford a bar of chocalate and a bottle of fizzy drink,the same as the other boys at my grammar school.
Clothes likewise were not as easilly purchased as they are today with perhaps owning one change of clothes and a pair of jeans to play in.We didn have hot water or heating in our house.We used a one kilowatt electric bar fire to keep warm or turned on the gas cooker.We didnt have luxuries such as washing up liquid and our mum would usually wash our clothes in a tub with a bar of soap.We would share the same bath water with two of us in our familly.I have a brother seven years older and two elde sisters,one younger.We werent able to afford much , a toy every christmas and birthday was about it.This was the normal situation in 1953 for the majority of people.We didnt have any ownership on material goods in the 50,s and 60,s, such as books ,records,watches,radios,.We had anewspaer everyday.A lot of kids were  up at 5.45 am to do a paper round for 10 shillings a week, sometimes 15s.They migt be able to save to buy a bicycle, but even  a bicycle  was pretty rare, unless parents were a bit better off.Footballs  and balls for games were always there for a kick around, but usually had to borrow a ball from someone in the neighbourhood.Six pence was my pocket money until 11 years of age when it went up,as said, to two and six pence a week whilst I was at secondary school.That was it as far as money went.We didnt have any.We lived from day to day, Friday payday till the next Friday payday,when mum or dad got back from work.Same for most people.Everybody  could get employment, a lot of which was gossipping all day and drinking cups of tea., with a few overtime fiddles.Time and half saturdays and double time sundays was the strict  rules.Wage packets might be about £9-£12 a week.Rent perhaps 30 shillings a week, pint of milk 9 or 10 pence( old money), 4oz tea leaves 1 shilling,bus fare to the high street 2 pence,phone call 4 pence,about all I can remember at the moment, but £9-£11 wage packet would see us five kids and my mum pay the bills and the food and everything else, for the week for the five children,always a bit broke and borrowing tea or sugar from the neighbours.A good barrister when I was studying  for A levels, would be aiming for  income of about £5,000 a year.It was one of the best paid professions of the day.Still is.My Grandma , who was a bit better off ,saved enough to buy her own house in St.Margerets, Twickenham.A very big and nice place with a good size garden , apple trees etc.She paid £200 for it.About 1925-1930.On sale in 2005 for £1.5 million.Before that it was sold for about £450,000 in 1980.
Very unlike it is today,materially.but better in terms of humanity.
small transistor radios were creeping in about 1964 but they did not have good quaulity sound.the beatles and the rolling  Stones rocked our generation and started   a revolution that went hand in hand with the new technoogy coming onto the scene of televisons, radios, record players  and cars.The world started to change at this point in time and accellerated into the 70,s and 80,s which firmly put the material age on the map.
Very unlike todays materialism.More humanity and much better familly conditions..

The introduction of the silicon digital world the mobile phone and the computers in the 90,s presented a culture shock to my generation, and still does today for many of them.

They had some kind of idea I was in a related game to them when I came out because I studied at Loughborough University at some stage ,Cybernetics and Human Biology, I wasnt by choice though, maybe wired up by drugs to the machine .So I decided to opt out of the science department and show my true colours.A Musician.I recorded an Album and distributed and  advertised it on the internet under my trade name, Hamishmac.No-one could argue with my new I.D.and CV.
My dad was an orchestral conductor and my Mum a concert pianist.
Thats why to get away from a mistaken identity of being a scientist and to earn some money instead of benefit.
Drop out again.
music site:  https://hamishmac.co.uk

Services to HMP whilst detained in Nuthouse.

You are in an experimental psychologists lions den in a high security establishment like that.You are  dealing with  highly classified  information.It is the perfect place for it with some of the highest security possible.No one would suspect that they are not only running very cutting edge scientific experiments, calculations and processings of information there, but that they actual import scientists mathematicians etc as sectioned lunatics to work there, on projects.It would be one of the last places on earth you would suspect of finding inteligence networks and agents etc.nothing less than military headquarters,also interacting with criminal world and military.Some very highly classified science has been going on in these places for many years.If anyone were to say anyting they would be considered crazy, and most probably nutted off.Also they would never get out again unless they signed on the  line that they were a  dangerous schizophenic.So you wouldnt know if this wasthe case.
They utilize almost any thing or anyone of value to these sort of causes.For instance I had a good education in sciences and went to a MI5 training school for 7 years in my younger day,I played rugby at under 19 schoolboy home international tournaments  2 years running, had extensive drug trade knowledge and ET contact.I spent a lot of time processing information that was downloaded to me. whilst I was detained there,I dont really know who I did this for.perhaps Inteligence services. They had a method of contact and download without computers in those days.It was a machine inteligence and it was watertight.No-one knew anything.I also studied in the same sort of way,and this knowledge was for a specific reason , for work I would do at a later stage.I was there for 16years with this higher level learnig processes and work going on.There were two men on my ward with IQ levels above 185, another mensa, mathmatician from Oxford Univeristy, a graduate from Cambridge , IQ 159 with a masters degree and phd in Gaelic languages, There were other suprises as well, not at all as you might imagine.Cutting edge social science.experimental psychology, cutting edge technology,computer sciences, defence systems,(big nuclear and electronic defence interests),drug technologies, brain science,forensics of every type.They dont waste resources in places like that.Technology has advance exponentially and I have not been connected to information from the inside for 10-15 years, so what I say is out of date.I have picked up that brainscience and drug technology is far ahead of simply being able to deliver computer print outs by telepathy ,its beyond our beliefs now.Emf and sound frequency brain  control now as well on mass scales.They have the abillity to work invisibly on anyone anywhere  probably witout drugs or contact or implants..
I became very quick  and efficient at comunicating with this machine type inteligence and as I moved toward release, it stepped up the workload.Fast learning techniques were deliverred to me for workor tasks I may be asked to do.
I had some very highly classified and interesting projects downloaded on release including work delivering inteligence information  by means of telepathy.I was also used to locate UFO,s telepathically and have them bought down by targetting their belief systems telepathically.They were then recoverred by miltary helicoptors.I was taught to do this.It is classified, dangerous work, which had to be done by machine, (computers)in those days, 1998/2002 I started talking about  this stuff  on the internet, beacuse I was getting messed about by services.I was damaged and erased.Most of the time I was erased after doing a task for them(military).Nearly all this work was controlled telepathically by the  pentagon computers.Human hand was not involved most of it being too dangerous.ET being one of the major dangers.Psychiatric medications facilitated comunication with computers by telepathy.This is how far advanced technology was even in 2000.I very much doubt if doctors  knew any of this.Inteligence work blinds by the late,nobody ever finds out anything. It activates its own security and secrecy.This is not known.It is not the same thing as wiping away your fingerprints.
Transparancy might be the best security.
I did a lot of work for them and must have been very useful because I was telepathic, had a lot of ET knowledge and experience, some of which is very classified,,was trained in the sciences to a high level, was inteligent, had a lot of redundant metaphysical knowledge and was on the alternative map, was a center hub of contactees,also had a military like training ,which virtually gave you high ranking  status.Also I had incredible security clearances and access to information.Very  useful.
My abillity to use machine forensics for defensive purposes was  advanced and was used for military defensive exercises.There was and still is an ongoing attempt to deliver a nuclear first strike and an armageddon in the West.There is a continual machine defence and attack exercise going on all the time.All of the defences were electronic and computerized.This kept me occupied for a long time.I was used for this .All the nuclear defences are based on machine forensics, where I was well trained.
One of the key features in me doing these sort of things was secrecy.I was  trained to hide behind a facade of schizophrenia to gave me invisabilty from being taken seriously, and suspected.therefore the machine could get away with so much, including work in top security prisons and hospitals which believe it or not are military HQ areas. High security work goes on there.It gave me very easy and immediate access to information, to services,it connected me to the machinary and contacts.Contacts and connections are usually introduced to each other in these places.Misinformtion is standard practice with professionals they do not have accurate information about you..The only way to find information was through your biological machine program.Inteligence information is controlled by machine telepathy,it is not even written out.info was.These are machine centres that download their clients asignments via the drug madications.Thye are basically  biological computers wired up to the pentagon miltary computers, Not many people know the score..

 I died three times in Broadmoor Hospital,in my sleep.Each time  Iwas forceably returned to my body.Also I died in 2006 where I am now, but .ET couldnt get me back in this time..basically I dont function or work any longer.Something keeps me looking as if I am here but it is thin ice.
I think they want my DNA.They might be slowly cloning me and return my conciousness later.i acnt tellif they will keep my going or not.
 These clients are information processing machines.Some of these clients are telepathic, and they will quickly learn to download assignments from the machine and will be telepathically controlled by the pentagon computers to fullfil tasks.It is difficult to get good quality mental health subjects.They are not after the unwell ,they are afterbgood quality minds so as to get work done.They dont want you if they cant use you.

JULY 19th 2015. What Happenned ! ?

I got knocked out and memory erased in Oct 2008 by authorities with heavy medications for 5 years straight sleeping 20 hours a day, as explained in my Livejournal blog/indexoffence.I put on weight and my muscles wasted a good bit,but in 2013 I sarted to get back on the road with a drug reduction.I stopped smoking and went for a 3 mile walk every day to Richmond Park,with my friend Magda.I also managed to pay off my debts to the credit companies.I have been musically inactive but have given my 5 albums away free by a link on my website http://www.Hamishmac.co.uk, to my Cloud storage.Fee Cds and Videos too.
Anyway I am getting back into a bit off life and will try to blog on this page every so often to keep it up to date.